Blizzard has reached another milestone toward the Battlecry Mosaic once more reaching a total of 11,422 / 20,000. That’s a 57% of the total entries required before June 30, 2010.

This time a new piece of artwork has been unlocked. It’s a piece drawn by the thundergod of Warcraft lore: Chris Metzen.

Chris Metzen actualizes the heroism of the Horde’s most renowned leader, Thrall, originally sold at the 2008 Worldwide Invitational Red Corss charity auction.

The more submissions Blizzard gets, the more unlocked stuff we will see. Take up the challenge, and submit your photo here.

If you don’t have a camera that’s alright, use your scanner or an old photo you have around and use a photo editor to add the Horde or Alliance logo in it. As an example to all of you, I have added the Horde logo to a photo of Nethaera and myself outside the Blizzard Studios’ main offices.