The awaited continuation for WORLD OF WARCRAFT: PEARL OF PANDARIA is finally here! During our interview with Micky Neilson and Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Micky confirmed the QUEST FOR PANDARIA would be online a few days before the launch date of the expansion and the release date of WORLD OF WARCRAFT: PEARL OF PANDARIA.

Those who plan to read PEARL OF PANDARIA should read that first chronologically to prevent spoilers. Then read the short story: QUEST FOR PANDARIA.

Update: After reading the 10-pages of Part 1, I found there are indeed a few tiny spoilers of happenings from PEARL OF PANDARIA. The story of Wanyo and the Pearl continues in the short story. Wanyo’s adventures could have been elaborated more instead of constrained to where he has been all this time, but the story focuses more on Li Li. By page 10, I was hoping to read Part 2 already. It would be interesting to find out where the story goes, and if there’s any significant lore or purpose around the pearl itself. The QUEST OF PANDARIA gaps where Li Li and Chen have been and done since the final pages of the DC Comics PEARL OF PANDARIA graphic novel until we see them in-game at the Valley of the Four Winds.