Today, I would like to wonder in amazement at the possibility that Community Managers in US and Europe are dying to tell, and to share with fans what is been brewed by the developers behind the veil of secrecy.  Maticus and I have been pondering a few ideas a few weeks ago, and this morning.  She brought up to me some of Wryxian’s signatures and comments knowing I am a lore crazed fan. [wonders to himself, if he is a major loser for having loregasms at age 36]—coughs—ahem, as I was saying …

I think we should listen and track down signatures by community managers and forum representatives.  One might find interesting things that might mean or not mean something.  Subliminal messages?  Puzzles right under our nose awaiting to be deciphered? Simple poetry without the purpose of hinting something about expansions?  Who knows.

What matters is that they are there, and it is our job to investigate, speculate, and why not, entertain with conspiracy theories. For instance, one of Wryxian’s previous signatures mentioned the Scythe of Elune. This is one mother of a questline that fans have been craving for a while aside from the Ashbringer storyline.  Is the next expansion allowing us to delve into the continuation of the Scythe of Elune questline? Or did Wryxian feel very poetic about it, or felt like playing mind-games with us poor lore fans? I can imagine an evil Wryxian puncturing a lore fan voodoo doll with pins to make us suffer—in delight. Suffer …delight?  That kinda doesn’t match, err. I’m not a sado, don’t get me wrong. (a disturbing sound plays in mind at the thought of that)

Blizzard Quote:
imageWryxian: “The lives of my fallen comrades will not be in vain, and I shall avenge their deaths using the Scythe of Elune.”—Wryxian signature

Recently, Wryxian shocked everyone who had ears to listen, or better phrased, eyes to read and understand in between lines.  This comment appeared on June 30th on the official forums, barely a day before I reported to have seen the trademark Cataclysm filed by Blizzard Entertainment on the US Trademark and Patent Office website. Hmm.

Blizzard Quote:
imageWryxian: As you can imagine, a crocolisk like me is also rather keen on the idea of a water based expansion. But maybe I could be somewhat subdued by some particularly large and opulent fountains. Mmm waterrrr.. glug, glug, glug. *swims away with a blissful tail wiggle*

Fans are discussing this topic, and have added their own conclusions and findings. For example, that quote above from Wryxian about opulent fountains sorta hints Gilneas.  Lon-ami cross-referenced Wryxian’s comment with what the Genn Graymane Copper Coin says.  This coin can be fished in Dalaran’s fountain:

Genn’s Copper Coin: “Pah, the fountains in Gilneas could grant ten times as many wishes as Dalaran’s!”

Bingo? Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson mentioned in our interview they had big-big plans for Gilneas.

The latest signature, fresh from the oven, by Wryxian will probably shock you, dumbfound you, and whatnot.  Is this really a poetry stunt with no meaning behind it?  Or do we have here an interesting puzzle of someone dying to tell fans something? You know, with BlizzCon about to hit our faces on August 21-22—you know, [whispers: an expansion announcement]

Blizzard Quote:
imageWryxian: ““I have ceased my senseless destruction of their homes and consumption of the young. How little I knew then of the great civilization that I was destroying.”“

I hate and love puzzles. Specially games that give me a challenge.  In this case, I am a lore fan that also loves puzzles, so the lore fan in me can’t but drool all over at those poetic words.  “I have ceased my senseless destruction of their homes and consumption of the young.”  What in the world destroys homes, and eats young? “How little I knew then of the great civilization that I was destroying.”—Civilizations?  Hmm.

Let’s change the wording a bit. Instead of young, let’s change it to young races. Considering the world civilizations put together—what makes sense out of this phrase is if it came from a dragonflight.  Dragons observe and monitor younger races and civilizations. Let’s go deeper with the idea that this phrase is from a dragon-like creature.  What if we are getting here a hint about a new playable race in the next World of Warcraft expansion?

Ohh, but wait … didn’t Tom Chilton just had a interview where he said this? [on page 2 of 4]

Blizzard Quote:
Chilton: An example I could throw out there would be, in Blackwing Lair we had the drakonid race. We always looked at those and said, oh that would be a pretty cool player race – it would be cool to play as one of those guys. There’s not a lot there as far as, where did they come from and what are they? But they are in the world and it wouldn’t be completely inconceivable that a player would end up being able to play that, and we could continue to expand on the depth of that race and that sort of race.”

Holy conspiracy theory, Batman !!!

What if the signature is a puzzle hinting a new playable race will be announced at BlizzCon, and it is the Drakonids?

Would it be Black Drakonids?  Blue Drakonids?  Green Drakonids?  Or … Chromatic Drakonids?  That is the dilemma.

The Blue Dragonflight is now leaderless.  Malygos is dead.  There is no telling what the blue dragonflight might do from this moment forward.  Will they appoint a new leader such as Kalecgos?  Or will they simply decide to follow their own guts? For example, Malygos irresponsibly start the Nexus War to wipe out all mages for their abuse of magic, without measuring the consequences of the power he was diverting from the ley lines in the process.  Many mages of all races died.  What if the blue dragonflight feels responsible and wishes to help heal the young races as a way to repay their leader’s disgrace? Enter the blue drakonid playable race.

On the other hand, after raiding Blackrock Mountain, we killed Nefarian.  Onyxia died earlier.  And Lady Sinestra probably died in World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon (Pocket Books).  What would the surviving Black Drakonids do with no leaders?  Well, Deathwing is lurking beneath Grim Batol, but he doesn’t even care about his dragonflight, the filthy little #$%@.

What if they go Yoda on themselves and strive for a new path: “I have ceased my senseless destruction of their homes and consumption of the young. How little I knew then of the great civilization that I was destroying.”—and decide to join the Alliance.  The one they carelessly destroyed following Nefarian. Reflect on this. Let us know if you share the madness.  We will sure find out at BlizzCon.

Update: Another fan Orcruin and Lon-ami cross-referenced the signature about civilizations with a note you can find in-game inside the Message in a Bottle.  You can loot an item named Damp Diary – Day 512.  Lon-ami says it is a reference to the isle named Tel Abim, which is located in the South Seas.

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