Charged Moganite

Warmage Yurias: We have been dispatching spies into the Sunreaver base of operations on a daily basis. Some had orders to recover charged moganite from the enemy and bring it here.

They have not returned, and I can confirm they have left the Sunreaver base.

Search the jungle between here and there and find any of the charged moganite that might have been lost in transit. Bring it to me and we will put it to good use.


Recover a Charged Moganite and bring it to Warmage Yurias.


Note: There is more than one Charged Moganite. Players can identify it by looking for the big interacive icon floating above the item. After clicking the Charged Moganite, the item is clipped on the character’s back. Similar to the Warsong Gulch flag, players have to walk all the way back to the Violet Rise and turn in the quest at Warmage Yurias. Players can’t mount while carrying the Charged Moganite.

Warmage Yurias: Mmm. This is a good crystal. You have done well, (name).

(Charged Moganite returned to Violet Rise: 1/1)


Warmage Yurias: Well done, champion. This artifact will be put to better use in our hands than in the hands of the Sunreavers.