I have been a World of Warcraft player since closed beta 2004, and have played most of of these six years. It seems Blizzard Entertainment is emailing veterans a special keycode to invite a friend. The curious thing is this is not a trial key. It is actually a bonafide Free 30 days and free full copy of World of Warcraft. Whozat?

Your friend has to create a WoW account, and once his 30 days expire, his characters and progress is saved for the next time he pays the subscription. There aren’t any restrictions on the accounts created under this 30 days promotion.

As a thank you for being a veteran World of Warcraft® subscriber, we’re giving you a FREE copy of World of Warcraft to share with a friend.

Simply have your friend follow the steps below to receive their free copy of the game:

1. Create a Battle.net account at http://www.battle.net

2. After logging in, select “Account” from the top menu.

3. Click the “Add a Game” button on the account management page.

4. Enter the Game Key provided below.


After following these steps, your friend will have 30 days of access to the full version of World of Warcraft with no trial restrictions.

Thanks again for being a part of the World of Warcraft community for so many years. We hope your friend enjoys the game!

– The World of Warcraft Team