I am a LiquidSky true-believer because I have had my hands on the beta client and tested it. I have posted about LiquidSky a few times in the past months, including hands-on videos playing Diablo III, and World of Warcraft in my NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet running Android 5.0.1 along with a Bluetooth mini-keyboard and mouse. It is quite possible.

Now LiquidSky has been silent the past 4 weeks for a good reason. They were working very hard on rebuilding the SkyOS Android from the ground up. A brand-new SkyOS Android App will be pushed into the Google Play Store on June 3rd, and beta servers will be brought online.

I encourage all our visitors to register here to join LiquidSky Beta. Once LiquidSky beta ends and the official app goes live (near or around 2016) you will have the opportunity to get GBs of space in the cloud to upload all your video games, apps and files; and you will be able to play any of your video games at max settings on your tablet or from any PC wherever you go.

LiquidSky’s SkyOS Android

Become a true-believer. Try it yourself on June 3. Get ready to play your favorite games on your Android tablet.

If you don’t have a tablet, I recommend the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet (32GB 4G LTE).

Other products I recommend (as I have tested them):

LiquidSky Latest Update

This news announcement was made by LiquidSky team on May 11, and the community manager Jesse posted early today that a brand-new SkyOS Android app update will be pushed to Google Play Store on June 3. The old version as of April 19 was SkyOS 2.0. On June 3, if the version is 2.x or 3.x then it is the new app update.

Greetings everyone!

We’re here with a progress update on the Android Client, plus an update on SkyOS. The Android Client has been rebuilt from the ground up, and we wanted to share with you what’s new.

New Features

  • Support for connection of controllers over a USB OTG cable for use in the Sky. Of note, Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers have been tested, and work very well.

  • Support for bluetooth controllers. Of note, bluetooth controllers may interfere with WiFi connections over the 2.4ghz band. A dual band router with a 5ghz connection is recommended to avoid interference.

  • Touch Controls. You will be able to bind Keyboard Keys, and Controller inputs to specific “touch buttons and joysticks”. You will also be able to control the size and position of the touch buttons on the screen.

  • The ability to save touch control presets, as well as export presets, to share with others in the community. A future feature will be the ability to create and share new buttons and button skins.

  • Many have requested it: we now have a ‘home’ button, which brings you back to the SkyOS game and program launcher, allowing you to work behind another program as needed.

  • New button in the SkyOS dropdown menu that opens Steam in Big Picture Mode.

Here is a quick video preview of the Android Client in action. We have included a picture in picture to keep the content itself visible, while including a simultaneous shot of its use with a controller.

Android Client Video Preview

We’re really excited about this, and are aiming for June 3rd as to when we will re-open our beta servers for your use.

As always, thanks for the interest and support! We’ll see you back here soon.

-The LiquidSky Team — source