Recently, Chris Robinson posted in his Twitter page the final 3D model of the Night Elf female with canine fangs — as an update to the recent ArtCraft: Huntress of Teldrassil.

The presence of canine fangs have put some fans on red alert. Some players oppose the canine fangs in the Night Elf model, while others support it and welcome it. I am among the supporters. I usually like to hear both sides before reaching a final decision. Other times I keep my opinion to myself. However, in some situations when I do share my personal opinion on a community topic, I like to do some research.

I have all the Warcraft novels (Kindle) and easily searched through all of them for keywords: fang, teeth, canine. That area of the research didn’t yield any evidence of canine fangs in Night Elves.

However, researching all the World of Warcraft comics and graphic novels (which I also have on Kindle PC) yielded countless examples of Night Elves with fangs. And that’s not all. Blood Elves share the canine fang trait as seen in the image below (Valeera Sanguinar). The image below is a collage of all the instances in which I found Night Elf canine fangs throughout the World of Warcraft vol. 1 comic book and the World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen graphic novel.


Montoya (Blizzplanet writer) pointed me to the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos box artwork. That RTS game shipped with four different box artwork — one per race: Human, Undead, Orc, and Night Elf. To my surprise, the Night Elf artwork shows a female Night Elf with fangs. The evidence is undeniable. Canine fangs in Night Elves are canon.

Please, spread the word. Link to this page. Let’s support Chris Robinson and his team with the introduction of a more realistic and canon model for the Night Elves.