Last week, I reported MCV would be posting a interview where Frank Pearce teases there are more secret unannounced games coming from Blizzard.

MCV interviewed Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime and Executive VP Frank Pearce concerning Blizzard’s 20th Anniversary and its success track-record in the video games industry. During the interview, MCV asked about the Next-Gen MMO dubbed Titan. Frank Pearce revealed Blizzard Entertainment is working on LOTS of projects that they can’t talk about.

The keyword used by Mike Morhaime concerning the Next-Gen MMO is that they can’t talk about an “Unannounced” game. Unannounced as in “its title has not been revealed yet”. We already know what upcoming episodes of StarCraft II will be titled (Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void). Thus, these don’t qualify as unannounced games.

Other than the unannounced Next-Gen MMO, we know through some job openings there is a second unannounced game. However, Frank Pearce used the term LOTS of projects, which rises the question … what else is Blizzard working on beyond these two unannounced games?

    MVC: The other ongoing speculation surrounds Project Titan. What can you tell us about that?

    Morhaime: You’re referring to our unannounced MMO project, which is unannounced, so I can’t really tell you much about it.

    Pearce: And there are lots of projects that we’re not talking about.

    Morhaime: Fortunately you don’t know about any of them.

    MVC: Wow, how much don’t I know? Can you put a number on my unknown unknowns?

    Morhaime: We can’t I’m afraid. But on Titan what we can say is that we think of it as a next generation MMO. We’ve learned a lot over the past 12 years in developing and running WoW, so we’ve called upon some of our most experienced developers to seed a new project.

    It’s definitely not going to be a sequel or replacement for WoW. It will be a different experience set in a different world. But we don’t have anything else to say.

    MVC: But it’s completely original IP, yes?

    Morhaime: That’s right. We’ve been kicking this idea around for a few years now.