The Battle for Azeroth PTR 8.1 (28366) introduced testing of the new Island Expeditions map: Jorundall. The isle features a Vrykul village and Storm Drakes. I also encountered Taunka & Tauren, Gorillas, Hydras, Crocs, a Pandaria elemental boss, Ice elementals, Pirates and Tol’vir invasions.

The second run, I encountered an injured Drogbar named Brunold who started a quest to administer a cure for him.

BUG: The current build has a substantial bug. When you get near a steam vent of Azerite, your graphics card goes bonkers with 2FPS. Sometimes you crash or freeze. In that case, hold down ALT+CTRL+DELETE to force quit WoW. Launch the game again. Sometimes you get spawned in the Island Expedition. Now move away toward the area you came from. That will default you back to normal FPS. Avoid that area, and move to another destination.

Here are some screenshots I was able to take when my two teammates crashed and didn’t return. Gave me a chance to explore solo.

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