It’s been over a month since the pre-Cataclysm World Event, and a bit over two weeks since the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Yet, you are still able to obtain the Stood in Fire Achievement.

I was one of those camping Orgrimmar for hours, or staying at villages for long periods of times hoping to get burninated by Deathwing during the World Event, but it never happened.

Last night, I decided to level up my Archaeology skill, somewhere around 100, and landed on Bael Modan. I started digging the site, and suddenly my whole screen went into a red hue. Curious, I moved around the monitor’s cable thinking it was a bit loose. The screen remained red for nearly 20 seconds. I ignored it, and flew to the upper level of Bael Modan. Dug a bit and the device pointed toward the trench with the earth elementals. I landed, and clicked the dig icon. My level 85 paladin was dead suddenly. I was jaw-dropped. “What happened?”

The Stood in Fire Achievement pop up onscreen. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. I read the achievement text: Get Killed by Deathwing.

Quickly, I looked upon the sky. There was no sign of the behemoth. I flew above and to my astonishment the entire Bael Modan was ablaze, and a large path of fire went northwards. Took me a while to quit WoW to launch my video software. Once I logged in, barely got a few seconds worth of video to share how it looks like. Apparently, Deathwing flew through Bael Modan up to the northern edge of Southern Barrens.

A couple hours later, while flying to a archeology dig site in Tanaris, I saw the same flame path going from the western hive to the center of Tanaris … where the dig site resides.

I have no clue if it was coincidence, but from that observation I could theorize there’s a pattern with dig sites and Deathwing’s random visits. It might be a good shot to start doing your archeology dig site leveling. Who knows. You might get killed by Deathwing that way. Much better than sitting all day long in Orgrimmar and Stormwind hoping Deathwing comes.