Fei: Hey there!

(The little girl squints at you.)

I overheard you talking to the Elder Sage. He’s pretty serious, isn’t he?

Well you’re in luck, because I hear just about everything that happens around here.

The Rider’s Bind

Fei: Have you seen the young serpents in the training yard?

The little ones tend to be mischievous, and some of them ran off to play before the training session.

The Mistress will get angry if she discovers they’re missing.

Would you go find them and bring them back to me? I don’t want them to get into trouble.

They like to play out in the open, so look for them in courtyards and around the spires.


Fei: You found them and brought them all back!

They’ve really taken a liking to you.

Thank you so much!

Lightning Up the Sky

Fei: Do you like fireworks, miss/mister?

I love them! In older times we would set them off to frighten away demons, but I just like them because they’re pretty!

I think there are still some old launchers lying around the temple.

Would you go set off some big fireworks for me? It would make me so happy!


Fei: Yay! I saw the fireworks all the way from over here!

Thank you so much, (name).


Lorewalker Stonestep: Moths have infested the library. Moths!

Any librarian worth his letters knows that moths are the most dangerous threat to paper, second only to bookworms.

As it turns out, my assistants are a useless bunch of insect-fearing cowards.

Please, you MUST help me get rid of the moths immediately! The works of a thousand pandaren storytellers depend on you!


Lorewalker Stonestep: Yes, yes, thank you! You’ve thinned out their numbers wonderfully.

Pages of History

Lorewalker Stonestep: The worst possible thing has happened, (race).

We. Have. Bookworms.

This is a critical situation. All bookworms in the library must be eradicated at once to prevent their spread.

We must squash this problem, literally! Please examine the infested books in the library and squash any bookworms that you find.


Lorewalker Stonestep: Oh, wonderful! I am so relieved that we managed to avert disaster.

No no, don’t get too close, please. You still have some squashed bug bits on your shoes.