Everything in its Place

Lorewalker Stonestep: You have helped us more than you can ever imagine, (name).

I do not know what I would do if our precious scrolls were ever to be lost.

Please return to the Elder Sage Rain-Zhu and tell him that the library is in order.


Elder Sage Rain-Zhu: Master of the Scroll is back to work?

Remarkable. You were able to do what the last four priests I sent could not.

I … I think my headache is disappearing.

The Jade Serpent

Fei: You came to deliver a message to the Jade Serpent, right?

(The little girl tilts her head up at you inquisitively.)

I guess it’s time you met her.

(Listen to the Jade Serpent)

Jade Serpent Yu’lon: (Name), I apologize for the deception, but it was necessary.

In thousands of years, we have never seen one of your kind.

It was imperative that I first measure the bearing of your heart.

Come ride with me, little one. There is something I wish you to see.

I grow old, little one. My time on this earth is nearly done.

Do you see the great statue in the distance?

The builders have toiled for a hundred years, and it is nearly complete.

A little more jade – the jade you have helped to acquire – and it will be finished.

With my lasts breath, I will transfer my life essence into the statue, and a new guardian will be born.

Do not be saddened. This is my choice. This is my gift.

Someday, you may also be called upon to defend all that is dear to you.

When that day comes, seek all the light and wonder of this world, and fight.

We live together, or we die together. All of Pandaria is connected.

I grow weary. I must rest now.

Good-bye, little one. I will see you soon enough.