Thunderlord For a Day

Broken Chains: Pieces of a Thunderlord chain lay on the ground. It is of a very simple design, but effective.

With enough parts, even the most unskilled person could assemble a chain and grapple as effective as those used by the Thunderlord Grapplers.


Quest Objectives

Build a Thunderlord Grapple.



Note: You need 5 Vicious Grapple from Thunderlord orcs and 5 Coil of Chain found on the ground throughout Colossal’s Fall.




Chaincrafter’s Anvil: This shoddy, beaten anvil is used mostly for crafting chains and what little other metal working the Thunderlord require.


Rewards: Thunderlord Grapple – Use: Use a grappling hook to pull yourself toward an enemy target. Only usable in Frostfire Ridge (1 minute cooldown)


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1.Thunderlord For A Day