WoWHead reports an increment of known foreign Warcraft III player sightings filling for visas to the United States. They even link to their Twitter where some of them confirm they have been invited to a Blizzard event at the end of February.

This has, of course, created a hype that a Warcraft III: Remastered announcement is imminent.

Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t made any comment about this, but I will point you to our recent BlizzCon 2017 interview with Brian Sousa (Classic Games team, Art Outsource Supervisor) where he said:

Of course we have talked about what’s next for the Classic Games team. Those kinds of things: bringing back Warcraft 1, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, Diablo 1, Diablo II… you know, everything that we have is technically open to doing so.

What we are focusing now is actually the games that we know are still being played by a lot of people: Warcraft III and Diablo II. Getting those up onto the modern platform. Making sure that their experience with those games that are still being played work well with all of our other titles, and still have the same amount of love that we get to all of our new titles.



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