Wild Bangarang announced their Blizzard licensing agreement will come to an end on February 29th 2020. But not the way you might think. From the blog post’s wording it seems they can no longer sell leggings at their store.

Their partnership lasted since April 2, 2015. Throughout those 5 years, Wild Bangarang has produced 48 Leggings and a few other items based on World of Warcraft and Overwatch designs.

Wild Bangarang said that “Fanatics” will take the reigns of the Blizzard Gearstore.

Nevertheless, Wild Bangarang is negotiating with Fanatics to continue to sell World of Warcraft and Overwatch leggings through the Fanatics’ Blizzard Gearstore.

That is not yet final, but we should expect an update at a later time. You can find the blog post here.

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