Blizzard Entertainment introduces the storyline of The Thunder King, the last Mogu Emperor, in Patch 5.2.

The Kirin Tor led by Lady Jaina Proudmoore plus Vereesa Windrunner and her Silver Covenant have set camp in The Thunder Isle. The Violet Rise becomes the Alliance players’ daily quest hub.

On the Horde side, Lor’themar Theron and Aethas Sunreaver lead the Sunreavers to conquer the Thunder Isle and its secrets.

This new Thunder Isle content resembles the Shado-Pan, Order of the August Celestials and Krasarang Wilds in that each day you get a different sub-set of daily quests. However, Blizzard Entertainment implemented an enhanced-version of the War Effort experience seen in Isle of Quel’Danas and The Firelands.

The War Effort is faction dependent. The completion of daily quests by Alliance players will unlock access to other locations of the Isle of Thunder and new daily quests. The Horde does the same and each faction might have a different progress.

Something really important to note is that killing certain NPCs in the Isle of Thunder grants 28 reputation with the Black Prince (Wrathion).

Check out our list of daily quests. Each daily quest contains images and a video preview (Make sure to choose 1080HD).

Alliance Daily Quests

Stage 1: Securing a Beachhead


PvP Daily Quests

During Stage 2, players can choose from a map on the table one of two options: PvE or PvP Daily Quests. These are the PvP Daily quests. Players will automatically be PvP flagged upon accepting the first quest. Players won’t be able to disable PvP off by typing /pvp. Only after deleting any PvP quests or completing them can one turn PvP off by typing “/PvP”.

The rewards for each daily quests: 19 gold 84S, 50C, 75 Honor Points, and 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune. Check out the videos for a short preview.


Horde Daily Quests

Stage 1: Securing a Beachhead