Radars have detected a new novel by Richard A. Knaak titled World of Warcraft: Wolfheart to be published by Gallery Books on October 11, 2011.

Gallery, October 2011
Hardcover, 352 pages
ISBN-10: 1451605757
ISBN-13: 9781451605754

I don’t have more details at this moment, but I will update fans once info becomes available.

For speculation sake, I just had a short chat with HandClaw. We are nigh convinced this might be a Worgen novel. Think about it. Richard A. Knaak is good with dragon novels and dark fantasy. That’s his domain.

It reminds me of a question asked to Richard A. Knaak during the Istrocon 2007 video interview.

If Blizzard would let you, would you consider writing a novel based on the Scythe of Elune? — with the worgen, dark riders, Duskwood, Jitters, Dalaran mage Arugal, etc.

Knaak: That’s a nice element. If the storyline would go as I think it would, I’d certainly be very interested in that. I do like the shadowy fantasy. I think Warcraft has obviously enough elements in that direction. That would be nice plotline right there to deal with.

Again, that depends on what Blizzard thinks would be next or best to work on. With the different writers they look at the different ideas they have and say who they think would best bring it out. Obviously they think I’m very good with the dragons, and such, but if there’s a plotline like that that they think I might do well, I’m sure that we’d discuss it. I’d be happy to write something like that, actually.

UPDATE: There are only two NPCs in-game with a last name: Wolfheart. Both are in Battlegrounds: Arathi and Alterac. One is human, the other one is a female orc. Definitely unrelated as that’s not Cataclysm-relevant. However, WoWHead shows one character named Ignovus the Outcast with the title (Wolfheart Pack). Now this is interesting — Ignovus the Outcast is a Worgen according to a Cataclysm beta player.

Huuren: “I am not sure what his purpose is… I found him in the ruins of Duskhaven in the uninstanced Gilneas. He’s standing atop one of the building just walking around. He seems to be gone now as of the Cataclysm release.”