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In Eastern Plaguelands, at Light’s Hope Chapel, there is an NPC named Father Inigo Montoy (Brotherhood of the Light) The Princess Bride (1987) – famous for the quote “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” – played by actor Mandy Patinkin

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Lieutenant Dangle in Orgrimmar Reno 911 (2003) – Lieutenant Jim Dangle – played by actor Thomas Lennon

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Inside of the Wailing Caverns instance (The Barrens), you can find stones, stacked in small piles. Nearby, you can find Stickmen, made from wooden poles. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Lord Victor Nefarian yells: “Inconceivable!” during the Warchief Rend Arena event (since patch 1.11) The Princess Bride (1983) – Actor Wallace Shawn plays as Vizzini: “HE DIDN’T FALL? INCONCEIVABLE!”.  He repeats Inconceivable often during the film.

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Saru Steelfury (Artisan Blacksmith Trainer) in Orgrimmar says: “There is nothing in this world you can trust, not man, not woman not beast – this you can trust.” [Points to sword] Conan the Barbarian (1983) – Conan’s father played by actor William Smith says the same line.

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The area of Stonetalon Mountains called Malaka’jin – a Horde camp Tanqueray “Malacca Gin”, a robust and flavorful gin distilled from botanicals from the East Indies. Malacca has an exotic flavor that differs from London Dry, but unfortunately, it has been pulled from the U.S. market despite positive reviews. Clearly, someone at Blizzard enjoys good Gin. Hic!

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Ajeck Rouack is standing next to Nessingwary by the Nessingwary camp, northern Stranglethorn Vale Previously, we said Hemet Nessingwary is in reference to Ernest Hemingway. However, a fan just told us that Ajeck Rouack is an anagram to another great American author, Jack Kerouac.

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The shop next to the Auction House in Orgrimmar is called “Boomstick Imports” Dead Evil 3: Army of Darkness (1992)

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Arcanist’s Cookbook Reference to the Anarchist’s Cookbook (2002)

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There is a Blood Elf NPC in Azshara named Sanath Lim-yo who teleports you up a cliff to Archmage Xylem’s tower This may or may not be a reference to Lim Yo-Hwan (whose ID is SlayerS_`BoxeR`), a Korean Starcraft professional gamer who is considered to be the greatest Starcraft player of all time. Lim Yo-Hwan is credited to be extremely influential in the development of the sport of professional gaming in Korea. Blizzard undoubtedly knows of his name and his influence and impact on their game. The teleportation ability of Sanath Lim-yo may be an allusion to Lim Yo-Hwan’s amazing ability to use the Dropship (a flying transportation unit in Starcraft) with great control.

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Sergeant Houser in Undercity, at the War Quarter The GI Joe character Duke’s real name is Conrad S. Hauser and he is a first sergeant.

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The Vorpal Dagger, a green dagger drop The poem, Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll. Quote: “He took his Vorpal Sword in hand” and “The Vorpal Blade went snickersnack”.

Dungeons & Dragons –  the Vorpal weapon was also a most infamous and sought after sword/weapon capable of beheading on a critical hit. In the game’s reference manual Deities and Demigods, King Arthur’s sword Excalibur is described as being a “vorpal weapon.” Many MUDs (multi-user dungeons) also incorporate this adjective into some of their weapon descriptions..

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Meggi Peppinrocker in Everlook, Winterspring, gives a quest titled: “Trouble in Winterspring!”

“There’s trouble in Winterspring!

Why, sure, I spend some time out in the wilds and know about these things… I’m always mighty proud to say it. I consider the hours I spend out there in the hills to be golden. Help you cultivate quick reflexes, a cool head and a keen eye…

It takes judgement, brains and maturity to appreciate the wilderness in the way that I do.

Now, what was I talking about?

Ah yes, trouble. See Donova Snowden at the hot springs and she can tell you more.”

The NPC quest text is a parody of the song “Ya got trouble!” sung by the main character Harold Hill in the broadway show “The Music Man

“With a cue in my hand are golden. Help you cultivate horse sense. And a cool head and a keen eye.”—read full lyrics.

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In Caer Darrow (the island Scholomance is on), once you complete the quest chain to get the trinket that allows you to see and talk to the ghostly citizens of the island, you can see a ghost named Joseph Dirte standing outside by the outhouse. When you talk to him he says “Perhaps you should speak into these sound enhancing devices attached to my FISTS OF FURY!” “My Job Title is Waste Management Specialist.” and “Ahh, my sweet Brandy how I miss her so.” All are references to the movie Joe Dirt staring David Spade about a Janitor in search of his lost love Brandy. Any time he was faced with a fight he would put up his fists and call them his Fists of Fury.

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The priest ability “Spirit of Redemption’s tooltip says “You have become more powerful than you could ever imagine” This is in reference to when Darth Vader killed Obi-wan in Episode 4. Obi-wan tells Darth Vader that ‘If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine.’ He is refering to the ‘blue ghost’ state that he, Yoda, and Anakin are in at the end of the 6th movie. Indeed, the blue rez angel is hoving above the player.

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The Two Ring item which drops in Alterac Valley Battleground – inscribed on this items is: “Almost as good as The One Ring.” Lord of the Rings

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In Ironforge, when you ask for the Tailoring trainer, sometimes the guard makes a reference to the tailor’s boastful ways, saying he claims to have killed giants…“seven in one blow.” This is a reference to a fairy tale (Brothers Grimm), “The Valiant Little Tailor” (also made into a Mickey Mouse cartoon in 1938 called “The Brave Little Tailor”)

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Ambassador Berrybuck (Council of Darkshire) and Councilman Millstipe (Council of Darkshire)

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inside the Darkshire town hall is Clerk Daltry.

Watcher Keefer (Night Watch)

Berrybuck and Millstipe are a direct reference to R.E.M. (American Band), members referenced are Drummer Bill Berry, Guitarist Peter Buck, Bassist Mike Mills, and Vocalist Michael Stipe

Clerk Daltry is a spinoff of Roger Daltrey – lead singer and founder of the English rock band, The Who

Guard Keefer is a spinoff of Tom Keifer, lead singer and guitarist of Cinderella

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Hammon Karwn in Refuge Point, Arathi Highlands Hamon Karn the female leader of Zeon in Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam

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In Elwynn forest, the Stonefield Farm and the MacClure Farm quests soap opera-drama feud Reference to the famous family feud between the Hatfields of West Virginia and the McCoys of Kentucky.

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