Blizzplanet Giveaway: World of Warcraft: Legion Beta


Winners are:


Anakinn-Silver Hand-CN
Beardo-Twisting Nether-EU
Draculea-Burning Legion-EU
Dustii-Twisting Nether-EU
Keldoran-Chamber of Aspects-EU
Reckoner-Darkmoon Faire-EU
Zerinaysol-Area 52-US

Тайфен-Booty Bay-EU
Зубба-Howling Fjord-EU
Синексия-Howling Fjord-EU
холкар-Howling Fjord-EU


World of Warcraft: Legion arrives in stores on August 30, 2016; but to launch a great game, it must be polished by the developers with the help of dedicated fans such as you through bug reports. There’s where you come in.

In celebration of the upcoming Duncan Jones’ Warcraft: The Beginning premiere at a cinema near you (June 10), Blizzplanet and Blizzard Entertainment are giving away access to the World of Warcraft: Legion Beta.



Complete each of the following 8 steps to qualify for the giveaway, using your Garrison’s S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera. Photos must include the same character:

1. Find Archmage Khadgar, and take a selfie:



OPTIONAL (for fun, not required to participate): /share onscreen, attach the image, and type: Are you ready Khadgar? Take me to the Broken Isles – @Warcraft #Legion @Blizzplanetcom




2. Find Draka, and take a selfie:


3. Find Durotan, and take a selfie:


4. Find King Llane in the Karazhan dungeon, and take a selfie:


5. Find Lothar in Burning Steppes, and take a selfie:


6. Find Medivh in Caverns of Time: Black Morass, and take a selfie:


7. Write a short note of why you love the Warcraft movie by Duncan Jones (based on the trailers and TV spots you have watched so far), and your expectations.

  • Full Name (won’t be shown in public, nor shared with third-parties)
  • Character Name
  • Server Name (i.e. Mannoroth)
  • Armory Profile URL
  • Attach all the S.E.L.F.I.E. screenshots



Deadline: May 29, 2016 at 11:59pm EST (-5GMT). Winners will be announced on May 30, 2016. Only one entry per participant. Duplicates will be removed.

The winners’ S.E.L.F.I.E. screenshots, the In-game character Name, Server Name, Server Location, and the note describing why you love the Warcraft Movie will be posted on May 30. Don’t forget to pre-order your Warcraft Movie Tickets online, if you haven’t.



Here are some of the entries submitted so far. Share your passion for the Warcraft Movie, and good luck with the random-drawing giveaway for a chance to play World of Warcraft: Legion Beta.

Tamamo-Earthen Ring-EU

I've loved and played Blizzard games for a long time now and whilst I came in during the Reign of Chaos I went back and played the old classics to fully appreciate the story behind how we've come so far today and how it all started. That's what this film is going to be all about, the beginning of Warcraft, the opening chapter that brought two different cultures together in a clash of blades as they fought over what they believed in. A lot of people have probably not played the original games, and have only read or heard about how it all began, so this will be a good introduction for them. For myself, I already know how the story will turn out, but I look forward to how it's going to be told, the relationships that are developed between the characters, and the climatic battles that will inevitably take place between the two sides. Oh and Khadgar being thrown on his backside by Medivh! (Profile)


Reckoner-Darkmoon Faire-EU

I have been a fan of the Warcraft universe ever since the original RTS games! The success of World of Warcraft was no surprise for me since all the previous games were smash-hits. To have this story truly transition from the geek-verse into the mainstream through the movie delights me to no end. I might be biased in my expectations but I expect a success and hype that is no less in scope than perhaps the Avatar movie. We also know that there is plenty of story for sequels, would you just imagine Illidan and Arthas on the silver screen? Nuff said! (Profile)



First of all, I've been playing World of Warcraft since release back in 2004. I'm a huge fan of Blizzard and the franchise—starting even before WoW with the RTS. Blizzard is such a great storyteller and I have no doubt in my mind that the same storytelling will translate directly into the movie. Duncan Jones is also a fan of the franchise and is super passionate about bringing the story of Warcraft to the big screen. From what's been shown so far in the trailers they've gone to great lengths to stay true to the environments and even the small details (mailbox comes to mind) that any true fan will quickly pick out. I was lucky enough to attend BlizzCon last year and Duncan's excitement about the film was truly contagious.

Secondly, I can't wait to get together with my friends to watch it. I've played WoW with my friends since day 1 in Azeroth and it's going to be an emotional moment when we finally get to see some of our favorite characters come to life on screen.

Last but certainly not least, ORCS! I can't wait to see them in all their power in the theatre—especially in 3D. (Profile)



I love the Warcraft movie because I've always been a warcraft fan. I played all the games and always love, judging from the trailers. The movie is getting awesome. Just hope it stays that way and not disappoint us. (Profile)



I love the fact that Warcraft has such passionate fans that people would create a big budget movie that I expect to rival the action and depth of story that Lord of the Rings had and possibly even be the greatest video game movie ever. (Profile)



I love this movie, because World of Warcraft is my first game for 10 years, and there are many movies. I am familiar with the characters and the story; and hope the Warcraft Movie becomes a classic like The Lord of the Rings movies! Because World of Warcraft is a classic! Let I can not forget! (Profile)


Лизец-Howling Fjord-EU

Back in early 2000-s when I found WC3 cinematic on my WCII disk I was incredibly impressed by the epicness and beauty of the world shown in this short scene. On that day I had that typical thought: "OMG, Blizzard should make a full movie!". Perharps since that day I've been waiting for Warcraft movie to come. I expect it to be really cool, at least it looks really impressive. I saw Warcraft trailer in IMAX and it gave me feeling as if I was really inside the game. I really hope that they will leave some hints for future movies, show draenei (already confirmed!) and it won't be just one film. And of course I want to see Easter eggs that only gamers can notice! (Profile)



I love the warcraft movie because I finally get to see something I love so much turned into a full length film. It even has my favourite character, Durotan. (Profile)



I love the movie because i've been waiting for it quiet a long time, and it's based on one of my favorite stories in warcraft universe , but who am i kidding? the biggest reason is Travis Fimmel. Hail King Ragnar! (Profile)



Many years playing this game. I love his story (lore). I hope not to find differences between the film and the game's novels. My favorite character is Durotan. He represents the spirit of the Horde. (Profile)

Anakinn-Silver Hand-CN

I love the Warcraft movie because I love World of Warcraft and the movie is so cooool!!! This movie's special effects are attractive and fight scenes are very shocking!I can't wait to watch this movie.

My expectations: I hope the sequels of Warcraft can come out in the future. That we can get to see Arthas, Illidan and Thrall on the screen. Secondly, I hope World of Warcraft is better and better, and Blizzard can make 8.0 🙂 (Profile)


Gamper-Burning Legion-EU

It just feels awesome when you see a story which you know for a good few years. I love those trailers because they are quite good made, I know in general what will happen, but I can't figure out what exactly (for example meeting-scene between Durotan and King Llane, Garona - in the end we don't know if they fight). For someone who knows a little warcraft story it's obvious what will happen, but we never know how it'll be shown in the movie. That's why I like those trailers, they don't show too much, but in general we see that movie will be more or less made according to game story.

About my expectations, I hope it will be a great movie and only the begining to the whole story. The Warcraft universe has many stories to tell, and that movie is crucial to next adaptations. That's why my biggest expectation is that this movie will be good enough to continue the story, and it will be starting point for the rest of the story. (Profile)



From seeing the trailers and content released, I am absolutely in love with the Warcraft movie (I have not seen it of course) simply based on the Orc characters of Durotan, Draka and Orgrim.

It's easy to make audiences associate with human characters, especially when they look as pretty as the ones in this movie. Garona as well (Who makes a cameo in the Llane screenshot below), is beyond pretty by human standards.

So seeing these relatively villainous looking characters, the Orcs, being portrayed as having the same level of three-dimensional character development as the humans is probably something that will shock general movie goers. Not to mention the tragic fate that lies before at least two of them.

I think the movie will shock people who are expecting just another dumb CGI fantasy movie by making them care about these Orcs, only to have them stripped away. I love tragedy in fiction, and I can see this not disappointing me, especially with someone like Duncan Jones at the helm.

The prequel novel, Durotan, really made me feel for these characters, and this is the only time I am actually excited to watch my heart get broken as my favorite characters meet presumably tragic ends. (Profile)



I've grown up with warcraft since I was 8 years old that makes now 13 years since warcraft gametime in my back:)

Since that time there were a lot of speculations about the movie itself will it come, will it not and to speak a bit about the movie I allready know 90% of the plot it is based on the First war Medihv is supposed to be quite controlled by sargeras gul'dan opens also with medihv help the dark portal orcs try to invade the south center part of eastern kingdoms but will be in the end pushed back to the dark portal and there are a lot of characters in the movie which I love like Grom, Ogrim, baby Thrall , Lothar itself, I would have loved to see another actor playing the king Wyrnn...,also Garona I've seen Magni appears too:) a draenai woman and least but not least Medihv.

Not saying the plot is in warcraft 1 and early warcraft 2 if not wrong so a lot of people will not know much of the lore, well that will make the movie better, also Robert Kazinsky said that will be more movies and all those depends on this so it must be good as Metzen is implied in story:)

Overall I am very Hyped about this movie and can't wait to see it, thank you for your time reading this:) (Profile)


Amson-Area 52-US

I'll admit that my first impressions of the movie were not that great when the first images of the movie started to come out. Now that there the advertising is in full swing and we are seeing a lot more ontop of hearing that Duncan Jones and some of the cast are Warcraft players has made me quite interested in the movie. I'm a lore nerd like telling my raid guild during the Hyjal raid that at that time Arthas was telling Illidan where to find the skull of Gul'dan that allowed our favorite demon hunter to stop Tichondrius' flanking attack and I was told to that no one cared. So I'm glad that the movie will be a great way to learn more about the Warcraft 1 lore instead of reading so much of it on the WoW wiki. (Profile)



After watching the forest fight clip im very keen to see some orcs rek puny humans!....and i guess the human mages are kinda cool, my expectations are this movie will be EPIC! (Profile)

Nakkie-The Maelstrom-EU

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the movie because I am a massive fan of all of Blizzard's games and have played WoW for 8 years, which is almost half of my life!

I am especially looking forward to seeing how Blizzard go against the grain of the current fantasy theme of humans vs bad guys and instead portray the Orcs as a people who are driven by honour and a need to secure a home for their families as opposed to just being bloodthirsty, savage beasts! I am also excited to see the game on a big screen and how it will appeal to an audience that has not played WoW. I shall be seeing it with my father who was very intrigued by the trailers who has never touched the game (or hardly any game for that matter)! (Profile)



I'm excited about the Warcraft movie because it's bringing the worlds of Azeroth and Draenor to life. I've been playing WoW for close to 10 years now (since I was around 10-11!), and seeing the stories of the characters that I've come to know come to life will be a great experience. As well as sharing it with my friends and family - WoW players and non-WoW players alike. Also excited about the in-game transmog items. 🙂 My expectations are pretty high. From the trailers and how everything looks, I think it will be a really great movie. (Profile)


Beardo-Twisting Nether-EU

My expectations for the film are fairly high, but only for visual effects. I know that they have rewritten some of the story to make it more approachable for movie audiences and to clear up the lore. I love the look of the Warcraft movie, because it's recreating the Warcraft universe in a cinematic realistic environment, and it brings characters to life instead of how we see them in-game just as 1D quest givers. (Profile)



I don't know if I love the warcraft movie, haven't watch it yet, but i hope its as close as possible to the original Warcraft lore. (Profile)


I kind of wait to see how much will they follow the lore (as I have read much of the Warcraft books). For now, I see the CGI and orcs are just fantastic. Waiting to see if they will follow the game's story, or change a few details. And as a long Warcraft fan (since Warcraft 2, yeah I'm quite old now), just want to see my favorite characters play on the screen, like sometimes I like to see YouTube videos about how WoW could look with the Unreal Engine. Just dreaming! (Profile)


Dustii-Twisting Nether-EU

When I found out there wasn’t I couldn’t imagine why there wasn’t yet, then I found out about ‘’tales from the past’’. It was so epic to see a sort of movie with World of Warcraft characters.

Now in 2016 we finally get the movie, and boy o boy it looks so awesome, everything is in there it seems, the wolfs, brutal orcs, and even Infernal!

I can’t wait to be in the cinema with my friends I met thanks to World of Warcraft, tickets are booked already so I AM PREPARED! (Profile)



Why I love the movie: The most amazing thing for me is going to see all the iconic places I love in-game, realized in the real world. My expectations are really high, because I want it to be a success so that one day, we'll have a movie with Illidan and Demon Hunters. (Profile)



The movie has so many characters i recognize and that alone made me happy, from Garona to Lothar to Medivh. All awesome characters with lots of lore. A world of warcraft movie is something I've been waiting for the day i started playing wow and always wished one was made, i then heard the news and got excited then saw the trailers which had me on the edge of my seat. The epic fighting i saw, the cities and armies, the CGI. It all looks spot on, it looks fantastic!!! I know i'm going to enjoy every moment of this movie. (Profile)



Honestly, looking forward to the movie just because of the quality of the CGI and what i've seen in the trailers, plus how it's probably gunna be connected to legion.

That and the fact I just love everything warcraft related, been playing since WC3 days, don't plan to stop anytime soon

All in all it seems like a great combination, and I expect it to do pretty well in the box offices. Although I expect people to not like the movie first because "LOL VIDEO GAMES" (Profile)



Been a Duncan Jones fan for a while, the animation’s looks sick and it stars two cool actors that I enjoy watching on screen. (Will Helm – Vikings) & (Robert Kazinsky – Second Chance). Being a long time Warcraft player since the first games and currently play World of Warcraft, I feel like all my Christmas’s have come at once with this movie! I’m expecting the movie to be awesome and can’t wait. FOR THE ALLIANCE! (Profile)



I've been in Warcraft Universe since RTS time, and i've been following the lore for a long time, buying every book, reading every post that Blizzard write, etc. And I want to watch Warcraft movie because I grew up with warcraft, I aways thought how they could recreate Azeroth in a movie, and they did it, They recreated Azeroth, and it looks Beautiful, I really want to see how Dalaran was done, more details of Stormwind, Medivh's Tower, The Dark portal, everything, I don't want to miss a single detail. (Profile)



I played Warcraft since WC3. I don't know how many hours I've played it. Countlessly. And than WoW came. It brought me more lore and I started to also read the books. Now with the movie I'm also able to see the story. I just love it 🙂 (Profile)



I have been playing WOW since 10 years ago when I was in the middle school. I have experience in Chinese server, Asian server, and US server. I'd like to say that I'm super excited when I know the film will release this year, it's my dream to watch this film in a theater. Also, from the trailers the special effects are amazing the Orc seems really existed in the real life. I hope this film can get a great box office, then they can make the next episode. I'm looking forward to look Illidan, Arthas, and Kael'thas in the future film.

Honestly, it's the Warcraft this is the best reason to me to watch this film. (Profile)



First of all I think Duncan Jones is a great director, one of my favourite movies is his movie "Moon" I still re-watch it from time to time just how good it is. I believe Warcraft movie won't disappoint despite some people think the CGI doesn't look that good. But i think it looks amazing! Seeing the trailers makes me really hyped for the fight scenes that gonna happen in the movie. One of the scenes I'm looking forward when the Orcs go through the Dark Portal and see the Azeroth for the first time, I think their reaction is gonna be epic!



I love the Warcraft movie simply because I love this magnificent Warcraft history. I've known this world for more than eleven years since the MMORPG World of Warcraft launched, by that time It was Warcraft III. And what I want to achieve by watching Warcraft movie is I want to know what exactly happened during the old days, and I'm willing to enjoy the incredibly beautiful scenes created by Duncan Jones, it's legendaaaaary. (Profile)



I've been waiting for so long for this movie to come out and now we're a few days until release and i can't believe it! there are so many things i'm excited for: the fact that Duncan Jones is so passionate about this project and he himself is a Blizzard fan and played Blizzard games since Lost Vikings is amazing. the members of the cast are all great actors and seem to have done a really good job impersonating their characters. seeing the trailers, you can tell how much attention to detail was put in this, thanks also to Blizzard's involvement during the making of the movie, so that we Warcraft fans can get the best movie experience and to show everyone how awesome the Warcraft universe is! the thing i'm most hyped about is seeing Azeroth, the characters, little things we see in WoW everyday come to life in the movie. i'm sure it will be great!


Harrytruman-Area 52-US

I'm crazy excited to see Medivh in the Warcraft movie. He is by far my favorite character in all of Warcraft lore. I think that the movie is going to be amazing, and I can't wait to see it!



I love the Warcraft movie by Duncan Jones because I play in this game since 2006, and want to see what he can make in a movie. My name is Ivan. I live in Moscow, Russia. (Profile)



I am mainly looking forward to the movie because I want to see the story of warcraft unfold live in motion pictures. I really enjoy how Orcs are animated and I want to see Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar. I have really enjoyed the trailer where he was shown riding a griffon. It will be SO AMAZING!



8 years I played the game, its subject attracts me to watch the movie. I'll watch it for its Warcraft legends and science fiction. My expectation is to watch the film with Alextrasza fight with Deathwing someday. 🙂 (Profile)



I've been in love with the warcraft universe ever since my friends introduced me to Warcraft 3 many years ago and therefore had to check out the trailers on the upcoming warcraft movie! I love magic and fantasy creatures, especially in movies. Can't wait to see more of the gryphons and some sweet magic from Khadgar and Medivh. =) (Profile)



I'm sure I'll love the Warcraft movie, I just can't get enough of Warcraft lore. From what I've seen, I think they've made an incredible job with the CGI (the orcs looks awesome). Good director, good actors, good source material... there is no way this movie fails.



Why do I love the movie? Because I've been playing this game since I was in grade school and I'm out of college now. It's been a major part of my life and it will be exciting to see it come to the big screen! And the CGI look great!

My expectations? It's going to be awesome and make over $1 billion worldwide! (Profile)


холкар-Howling Fjord-EU

I love the wow and the Warcraft universe, because it is a complex and multifaceted world. Magic special effects are very steep.I am happy that Duncan Jones has finished shooting a movie on the Warcraft universe, and I’ll go to the movie with great pleasure. (Profile)



I started playing Warcraft during Wrath of the Lich King and love the story and lore within the game. The Warcraft movie looks great because I can experience the lore and backstory for Wow. (Profile)



I love the Warcraft movie because it's really cool to see known places and characters in action. I expect this movie to be entertaining and fun. Perhaps they could do more movies in the near future. Furthermore, I'm also hoping that it'll attract some new players to the game. Unfortunately, most realms are pretty much empty right now and that has definitely to change. (Profile)



I'm really excited to see some major lore figures on the big screen. I think the movie will be pretty good. (Profile)



Ever since I started reading the warcraft books a few years I really enjoyed digging deeper into the lore and the game. When the movie was announced I got really hyped up and since then have been looking forward to it. From reading several posts on news sites, I noticed that there were a couple of things changed in terms of lore for the sake of movie making. I really hope it doesn't affect the movie in a negative way. When I am watching the movie, though, I am going to do it open minded and with as little expectation as possible, because I don't want to ruin a perfect idea with some irrelevant bias. I am really excited and I hope for the best. (Profile)



I'm excited for the movie, the trailers have absolutely captured the spirit and feel of Warcraft in my opinion. The fact that Blizzard waited for so long to find the right fit for a director and production company makes me believe this will be the best possible adaptation. (Profile)



I'm a huge fan of the lore of Warcraft -- the world, the history, the characters. So to get the chance to see this universe brought to life on the big screen is incredibly exciting. The trailers and interviews I've seen so far have shown the passion behind this film, and knowing Duncan Jones and others on the team care so deeply about the IP makes me even more eager to experience what they've created. Also, that orc CGI... (Profile)



I've been so excited for a Warcraft themed film. From the trailers, I think the characters seem to be really strongly written, especially Lothar. Also, being a huge lore guy, I can't wait to see how it turns out. As someone who didn't get to play WC1 and WC2 in their prime, I'm really excited to see everything visualized on the big screen. I think that Duncan Jones is going to do a great job making the Warcraft film, and I can't wait to see how the cinematic universe develops in the future! (Profile)



I'm super excited for the Warcraft movie, I was 11 when I first started playing Diablo 1, then Diablo and WC3 I played those up until I was 15 and with the release of World of Warcraft WOW. I fell in love, it was everything my teenage adolescent brain needed, the character I took the photos with has been my main now for 12 years! I'm super excited to see the story of world craft not only on the big screen but reach millions of new people. I don't think its possible for the film to flop, and I can't wait. (Profile)



I'm so happy that the Warcraft movie is finally going to be a reality! For years it seemed to be on and off with a complete change of plot (was originally supposed to cover Orcs vs Humans) Personally I think the story they went with is a good one and I can't wait to finally see it in action! The characters (particularly the Orcs and Dwarves) look really well done for CGI and the displays of magic with Medivh and the young Khadgar look spectacular! (Profile)


蔡進福-憤怒使者-TW (ckbtb0506)

I love this movie so much, because World of Warcraft is my first game for 6 years, and there are many movies. I am familiar with the characters and the story; and hope the Warcraft Movie becomes a classic like The Lord of the Rings movies! Because World of Warcraft is a classic! Nuff said. (Profile)


戦瓏-Blackwing Lair-CN

I love Warcraft movie, because I really like the game World of Warcraft , so far no one can surpass its position in the game in my mind , I really like this virtual world, he asked me to find a lot of fun . Now Warcraft movie will be released , and I am very excited , very much want to see , want to experience this wonderful world of Azeroth from the movie . Finally , I hope that World of Warcraft is getting better, Blizzard game getting better and better. (Profile)



It has been a long wait for the movie, we are so close yet so far. With so many trailers we can already see hoe this is a different universe, and either for those not familiar with warcraft and those who know the orc's first invasion plot, it will still feel like a whole new story. Even though the movie has been criticized by some (random things like trailer's music choice, poster's fonts and style) , I feel it is heading the right direction by getting a lot of attention from new audience yet staying relevant to lore veterans like myself.

Ever since I met Medivh ingame, my interest for Warcraft's lore grew considerably and from Wiki's to books I started to realize how big and amazing this universe is, yet everything is somewhat connected (not going into detail so to avoid spoilers).

About my expectations, I am looking forward to know more about Medivh's story and Khadgar's training; really hoping to see Karazhan as well (By finding King Llane I got so many memories back!) and Medivh's madness reaching out. King Llane's and Lothar's story are indeed interesting but personally I like the magic and darker stuff much more. I know Duncan Jones did an oustanding job, I can tell by all the props and set photos shown at this point that this is going to be a really good movie, hopefully one that completely breaks the curse of videogames brought to the big screen. Dat CGI tho! Warcraft will NOT let us down! (Profile)



I expect the Warcraft movie with impatience because for 8 years I play World of Warcraft! I hope he will live up to the game. In addition, the Warcraft movie will give me a different view of the game and the story of Warcraft. This will be an opportunity to discover something new pending out of the World of Warcraft expansion: legion! (Profile)



The legendary story of World of Warcraft and the beautiful scenery attract me much. I hope I can follow the footsteps of the heroes in the movie to have a deeper experience of World of Warcraft.



I want to see how the appearance and behavior of NPCs will change in the movie, and it is really cool to know the heroes' life



I have been playing World of Warcraft for almost 10years to begin with. I Love the lore so far, even bought books to read about it. Being able to see it on screen is just fantastic, imagine after a few sequels we get to see major lore characters fighting? Example Arthas Vs Illidan? I have seen the trailers, its great, having high expectation for this movie by Duncan jones. (Profile)


Циадэя- Howling-Fjord-EU

In the world of World of Warcraft, I fell in love when I watched my boyfrend play in times of Wrath of the lich king. And when it became known Legendary would release the film , I thought it was very cool to see it all real. The characters look vibrant and sensual. I hope that we will see the following movies =) I'm really looking forward to the premiere!! (Profile)



I'm quite curious how the familiars look like in the movie, and how the spell effects will be, they must be much more fantastic than them in games. When I'm watching movie, I will be proud of introducing the details of spells and heroes to my friends which have never played World of Warcraft and invite them to join into the game. (Profile)



I hope the world of Warcraft movie can be a success, because I am a loyal Blizzard follower. I hope to see the future of Blizzard movies. I am looking forward to. Blizzard's epic universe view is no less than any of today's movie series... magic, epic, amazing! I hope to see a all the positive energy in the film! (Profile)



I can't wait for the movie, because it has been a long time that few newers join into World of Warcraft, I want to make new friends in game, I'm sure the wonderful movie will attract a lot of new players into the game. And the movie attracts me as well because I feel it's cool to find everything familiar but different in the movie.



Watching the movie of Warcraft is always my dream. I have played World of Warcraft for 7 years. I'm interested in Daniel Wu who plays the Gul'dan, including other actors. I hope that the Warcraft movie will be amazing!



I hope the Warcraft movie will be good. The trailers looked great so far hopes are up.



The first time I met the saga, was just a demo of Warcraft II. Since then, I fell in love with the story and style of Warcraft. I hope the film maintains good story and humor that characterizes Warcraft. The trailers have shown the quality I expected, and I hope in the future to see my favorite race in a sequel: the tauren! (Profile)



I got excited about the Warcraft movie since it was first announced around 10 years ago and i cannot believe its really here. The storyline looks promising, the actors are pretty good and in general, I'm very optimistic and hyped! See you all there, Lok'tar ogar! (Profile)



Warcraft has been big part of my life, not going to see it would be a shame. CGI looks amazing from the trailers, that's another reason to see it even if you maybe aren't fan of Warcraft. Hope other people going to love it, so we get Arthas movie. 🙂 Can't wait for next friday when I am going to finally see it after all these years of waiting. (Profile)



I've always been a huge Warcraft fan since I first played World of Warcraft in BC. Although there was more to it, the lore was one thing that kept me playing every expansion. I am eager to see how the very beginning of the clash between Azeroth and Draenor unfolds on the cinema screen, and to see this part of the enormous story of Warcraft for the first time in motion, especially after seeing all the movie clips and behind-the-scenes I came across. It looks like they did an outstanding job with animating and digital-editing; and I think this might be the next milestone for the animated film industry. (Profile)



When I was little, I dreamed that someday this movie, never imagined the day would come that my favorite game would have his first movie and knowing how well it works blizzard I assume that will be a great movie. Although I hope with more desire trolls and undead in the upcoming films. FOR THE HORDE! (Profile)



Frankly, I'm a big fan of Blizzard games. My first acquaintance with the Warcraft universe started with Warcraft 2, and since then I have become attached to this company. I know that the film is not quite canonical, but in any case I'll pay for the ticket at least five thousand, and see it in a theater, not on the Internet. Why? The theme of war orcs and humans are very much impressed me. Yes, let there be deviations from the overall plot of the game, but to go there is at least due to the realization that it's a film that you've been waiting ten years. I very much hope that Duncan will not fail. (Profile)


Lyxar-Twisting Nether-EU

Note to why I am excited for the movie: I've been playing Blizzard games and especially the warcraft series since I was young, and happily enjoyed doing so. To see that they are actually making a move about one of the games with the best lore ever written is amazing. Can't wait to see the movie and I have already pre-ordered my movie-tickets. (Profile)


Narrf-Dun Modr-EU

The Warcraft movie is a dream come true. I've adventured through Azeroth for a very long time starting with Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and seeing this beautiful universe come to the big screen is incredible. I'm also a BIG fan of the lore, I own every book available and cherish the great diversity that make up the Warcraft universe. It's been a great adventure so far, and I'm sure it will only get better, this movie is going to be awesome!


Bodmass-Argent Dawn-EU

Warcraft has been a big part of my life growing up and I've been able to share many great experiences through the Warcraft Universe and met so many great people and had so much fun!

The Warcraft Movie will allow me to share the love of not just the game but the Rich Lore and story behind it with other people and based from the Trailers it looks great. I'm surprised how they were able to take aspects from the Warcraft Universe and make it feel almost real. The Orcs look stunning and the scenes shown make me feel really hyped. The thing that originally got me really looking forward to the movie was the 360 video they released of Stormwind, I was awestruck. I can't believe this is actually happening and I've already pre-ordered tickets to watch it with my brother.

I have very high expectations and I hope it shows Warcraft in a new light for me, which will allow me to feel connected to the game much more. (Profile)



I can't wait to see the Warcraft movie since it has my favourite story of Warcraft within it. The story of the Medivh and Khadgar. It's been my favourite story within the game, and outside of it ever since I read the book: The Last Guardian. And my hope is that Moroes is somewhere in the movie as a cameo. That would make my day. I loved him a lot in the book. (Profile)



I got into Warcraft through my father who showed me the first thing I ever saw of WoW - questing with friends in Teldrassil after a hard day of work. Since then I am a big fan of the warcraft franchise and played all warcraft related games. The biggest thing I got drawn into is the lore. I've read almost every book thats out there so far and am pumped to see the movie! It looks great and really promising. I put all my faith and trust into the team to fulfill their duty to show the outside world that warcraft is more than just a game. I'm raiding the nearest cinema with 8 good friends who also play WoW - that evening will be really great, I know it! (Profile)



I love the Warcraft movie because i think it's great to see such a legendary story on the big screen. And we can see in the trailers it's really looking pretty epic! There are cool special effects, dinamic fights and just incredible, beautiful views and landscapes. And just like others, I'm excited to see my favourite characters. I hope we all, I mean all warcraft fans, we finally can share our feelings from the story with others, who don't play wow or didn't care about lore before. (Profile)



The Warcraft universe has always had my favourite lore. I have really high expectations for the movie, and from the bottom of my heart I hope it succeeds. I love how much effort they seem to put into the movie, and the fact that the cast seem to really understand it. With notable members like Rob Kazinsky having actually played the game, it gives the movie more credibility. I absolutely cannot wait. See you at the premiere! (Profile)


Синексия-Howling Fjord-EU

I love warcraft movie because I was waiting for him for 10 years and as soon as I saw the first trailer I realized that it would be legendary! Just look at this graphic!! It's amazing!! Warcraft universe is really huge and it has a story to tell. And besides Travis Fimmel as Lothar ; ) (Profile)


Ужаленная-Death Guard-EU

This movie was made my professional who will tell us two sides of the story, so Horde will not be shown as only enemy. Actors also played WoW, so they know the spirit of the game. Also my friends can start to play WoW when they see how cool the universe of Warcraft is. (Profile)



Ever since I’ve started playing World of Warcraft the lore has just sucked me in. I never tried playing the Warcraft games, but I look forward to seeing the lore in the movies, after reading all about it. Looking at the trailers and the reviews already in, it’s looking like it’s going to be an awesome movie too! My favourite scene I’ve seen so far is definitely when the humans get ambushed by the orcs in the forest. (Profile)



I started playing WoW right before Warlords of Draenor came out. At first, I didn't know who or what the stories of these warlords were, but as I kept questing and learned more and more about them, they became one of my favorites characters in WoW. Watching these characters come alive in the big screen will be amazing, can't wait to see the World of Warcraft and watch Gul'dan say "Everything." (Profile)



I love the Warcraft movie because it feels like a dream come true. Playing this game, well franchise, for so long, you get invested in the story. Well, I have anyway. Watching the story unfold and evolve over the years has made me more and more excited for the potential of a WoW movie. Now that it is here, I can't wait to see the characters we've only seen in cinematics on a big screen. The effects look really well done and I am super happy that people who have actually played wow actively are directly involved. My expectations are honestly in the middle movie wise. But I am super hyped for the movie all the same. (Profile)



9 years enjoying this magnificent saga on the computer, and see how they have recreated many of the great heroes and many of the most emblematic areas of the game in the movie is incredible. Also be able to put a face, images, and voices to the protagonists of these stories we have been told through the different books on the history of warcraft universe is something I look forward to. (Profile)



Why I love Warcraft the movie? Since 2003, I have become a big fan of Blizzard, because of Warcraft III; and the reason why I like Warcraft movie is Warcraft itself. Looking foward to the day to watch the Warcraft movie onscreen. I sent these screenshots. Warcraft, What else..? I hope all fans are enjoying the Warcraft the movie.Thx. (Profile)



I have played all the Warcraft games and actively playing World of Warcraft since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion! You can imagine how pumped i am to see this movie. Hope it will be the most epic experience of my life so far. I expect it to be absolutely amazing so we can have more Warcraft movies in the future, maybe one with the Lich King himself, which would be the BEST! It is a bonus, that one of my favourite characters, namely Lothar is played by Travis Fimmel. Really like his acting. The trailers were amazing, truly brilliant CGI. The orcs feel like orcs and that is something that i have never experienced in a movie. And of course seeing the familiar environments, such as Stormwind, The Dark Portal, Elwynn Forest etc just feels great. All in all, i am completely excited to see the movie just after my exams went down! Lok'tar Ogar! (Profile)


Soji-Defias Brotherhood-EU

Warcraft II was my first game on PC, and since then I have been following the Warcraft story through the games and novels. I have a very high expectations from the movie. I hope that story will cover both Humans and Orcs equally, and I am very excited to see Khadgar and Medivh in action, since they are the most interesting characters for me. (Profile)



I'm looking forward to the world of warcraft movie because I've been playing world of warcraft for years and I've been waiting for as many years to watch a movie based on the very rich world of warcraft lore. This movie seems to be wall animated and action packed. I sincerely hope this movie will be able to make a lot of people who don't necessarily play video games discover about the warcraft lore, and perhaps even bring new players into the game 🙂 (Profile)



I want to see how the appearance and behavior of NPCs will change in the movie, and it is really cool to know the heroes' life. (Profile)



I haven't played WoW so much time, but when i started to play, I loved its LORE, the entire world to explore and all the stories to live while playing! For that I want to watch the movie, to see the game world done real. 😀 (Profile)



I love Warcraft movie because I like World of Warcraft. It is currently the only game which I play. I can not wait this magnificent process of the game into a movie full of amazing effects and thrilling battle. Thank you very much for this great chance to play the beta Legion key. (Profile)



What I like about the film:
1) Orcs very well look, feel the spirit of the game
2) The film shows that there are good on both sides of the conflict
3) Awesome Stormwind 10/10
4) Gul'dan real bad guy
5) Other races of Azeroth revealed: the Draenei, Dwarf, and High Elf
6) There are strong female characters - the wife of Durotan - Draka, and Garona
7) showed, albeit briefly, the life of the orcs
8) EFFECTS magic 19:57:15
9) Своя история,от которой можно ждать неожиданностей (Its history, from which it is possible to expect the unexpected)
I look forward to, if not a masterpiece, then at least a very good movie, which will be reviewed again and again. (Profile)



I have played the WOW from the level 90. My boyfriend introduced me to WOW. It's the WOW Which made me be his girlfriend. He is the warrior and he also is my hero. I was very surprised when I found out about the Warcraft movie is coming soon. I like the mage class, so I want to see more of Khadgar. I would like to see the film with my boyfriend. (Profile)


Óxxen-Laughing Skull-EU

I think that the Warcraft movie will be great. I'm specially excited for it because it will show us the story of what happened before World of Warcraft. I didn't play the first two Warcraft games, so it's going to be fun to see that story play out on the big screen on the 27th (Sweden). I've heard some people comment on the heavy use of CGI and that it looks bad. I disagree and from the trailers I've seen it looks absolutely amazing; and I bet the movie is going to be beyond my expectation of greatness and epicness. (Profile)



I got into the Warcraft series with WC III. Since then, I’m a big fan. Started playing WoW in BC and playing ever since. The trailers and effects in the Warcraft Movie are so well made it’s astounding. I’m mostly looking forward to the battle scenes and the lore aspect. Hopefully this movie will show that Warcraft is more than a game to the outside world. Can’t wait to see it live and to sink into the lore while watching it. (Profile)



I love the Warcraft movie because I am waiting for it for a long time, playing all games and read books. The special effects are amazing, orcs look cool. In the film we will see the fascinating history in the World of Warcraft. (Profile)



About the movie: I have been in the World of Warcraft for 8 years, and WOW is the only one game that I have played. When I knew that Warcraft is going to be a movie, I was so excited. Especially, the player for Gul'dan is Daniel Wu -- who is a very famous player in China, and I very look forward to how he will do in the movie. (Profile)



I am very excited that Blizzard is finally releasing a WoW movie! I have played since Vanilla, both horde and alliance, so I am familiar with all of the characters in the movie. Every time I see a trailer I get ridiculously excited and I get goosebumps. I even took the day off work to go see the movie! I can't wait to see the amazing work they have done with the movie, and for it to spread the love and the story of Warcraft. (Profile)


Evermore-Pozzo dell'Eternità-EU

I played WoW for over 8 years and I love it. Got really excited when I saw the first trailer because I finally get to see something I love so much turned into a full length film! (Profile)



I love this movie because I've been waiting for it since The Burning Crusade release, around 2008. I love this game and when I started playing and learning about the lore, I realized that Warcraft had the potential to become one of the most epic sagas I've ever read. That's why I thought a movie about Warcraft could be so fantastic to watch, and that's why I'm so hyped about this movie. I think it will be great, I don't think it will be bad because they use a lot of CGI. World of Warcraft cinematics are full CGI and we all love them. (Profile)



I am really excited at the idea of seeing the fantasy I lived in the Warcraft Universe rendered on the big screen. As a lore geek, this movie will be a true pleasure to watch! Not to say that the massive combat scenes aren't something I wouldn't enjoy (especially with the amazing work they did with CGI)... (Profile)



I've been playing Warcraft series for over 15 years and WOW over 10years. I love the story, and most the characters in the Horde. Especially Cairne Bloodhoof when he died, I couldn't continue to play my tauren for few weeks and only play my blood elf. Hope tauren can have a great character in the future. At this moment they are so poor. (Profile)



My expectations for the WoW movie are really simple. I expect to be very closely tied to the books in terms of lore and that the Orcs and other CGI'd races to look just as good onscreen as they do in the trailers. The magic looks amazingly well done as well! (Profile)



The CGI in the upcoming Warcraft movie looks great. I'm really into movie special effects and watching the short feature on some of the motion capture and hair effects they used made me super excited. On top of that it's a great story so I can't wait! My expectation is that the movie will appeal to not only Warcraft fans but people who have never seen anything to do with the franchise, and will be pleasantly surprised that there's more to it than just Orcs vs Humans. Cheers for the competition! (Profile)


I'm totally stoked to see the Warcraft movie for so many reasons, but the biggest is getting to see all the characters, lore, locations, and legendary battles on the big screen in glorious 3-D goodness. That and I'm using this as a chance to get my family engrossed in the world that I've been playing in for almost 20 years. It should be epic! (Profile)


First of all, i love the game. Playing many years now, enjoying ,waiting all new stuff, testing ptr and beta always. I am going to view the movie for the orcs, i would love to see how my country sincronises to hungarian language, also watching the original one. (Profile)


He sido un fan del universo Warcraft desde los juegos originales. He jugado a todos y cada uno de ellos, la historia de este juego me fascina y sin duda creo que la película estará a la altura de mis expectativas. Espero que agrade a todo el mundo y que continúen con la historia de Arthas y Illidan. (Profile)


I love the warcraft movie because its the culmination of all the nerd time spent in world of warcraft. Been looking forward since i was a teenager when it was first announced they were thinking of making a movie, and watching all the trailers its been living up to the hype. The orcs look amazing, the humor with khadgar getting rekt looks so on point, and seeing all my favourite places in world of warcraft on screen is just a real treat.Even though i've read and know the lore, i still can't wait to watch the movies and experience the story on film! (Profile)


I love the movie because I've been waiting for it quiet a long time, and it's based on one of my favorite stories in the Warcraft universe, the biggest reason is That Enemy's get United To Destroy the Same Enemy. I can't wait for that. (Profile)


I am so exited about the movie, because I am a big fan of Warcraft's lore just like LOTR trilogy. I have been playing this game since 2005, so I have read all lore about the game, and also lived in-game too. However, now those everythings will come true on the silver screen, because of that, this makes me very very very excited. (Profile)


I love the film because I love the lore of the Warcraft game, is a history with thousand of characters vinculated with a personality very defined. About the production, Duncan can do a awesome work, he has a lot of innovative ideas and with the help Chris Metzen and Blizzard this film is gonna be legen wait for it dary. For this reason I have great expectations and I hope the best for they. (Profile)

Keldoran-Chamber of Aspects-EU

What I love so far about the Warcraft movie is seeing the cities realized as real life locations, just as I imagined them myself. The scenes flying over Stormwind are incredible, it makes me wish I could go there myself. I also love seeing some of the best known characters from my experience with the game and I can’t wait to see them on the big screen. It would also be nice if people not familiar with the game or who might think it is childish or cartoony get a chance to see how strong the characters and locations are and how well Blizzard has created this whole universe. Maybe they’ll even be tempted to try the games out and experience it for themselves! (Profile)


I love the new movie because it represents the entire epic game starting with the history of the beginning of Warcraft; and because I love all the lore and characters from the film such as Anduin Lothar, King Llane, Medivh, Gul'dan, Khadgar, Durotan ... I can not wait to see it; and I hope a lot of it since I've been playing the game since the Burning Crusade, and desire with all my might watch a movie in a position that reflects the entire history of the game, but on the big screen. (Profile)


I grew up with the Warcraft and WOW.Both of this is my favorite game.In recent years,I waited for the movie.Now I am so excited that it will premiere on June 8th in China.I could hardly wait to see Lothar riding the griffin.Thank for telling the story of Azeroth by the animation.It′s my youth! (Profile)


I expect the Warcraft movie to be epic! To see the history and story of Warcraft play out on the big screen is going to be awesome. (Profile)


I love the lore of Warcraft, it's so rich. I played first the RTS game, and i started to have conditions to play WoW in the beginning of WoD. I always thought that would be amazing in watch a Warcraft movie, now i will, and seeing the trailers i know that it will be the best movie i've have watched. (Profile)


To be honest, I started this game very late. I started when Blackrock Foundry came out, and guess what I got hooked instantly? Like everything in the game, more importantly the lore behind the game and that made me go through all the books regarding Warcraft lore and YouTube vidoes by Nobbel on Warcraft lore AND now the whole thing is coming as a movie. That is like a visual feast to people like me, and I already got my tickets, and that scene where he gets onto a gryphon by jumping jeez gave me goosebumps. I just cant wait for the movie and also for the beta to test my class, and help Blizz with any bugs I encounter along the way. (Profile)


Excited to see a movie adaptation of Warcraft lore, a lot of video game movie adaptations have been pretty bad, but Warcraft seems to be going above and beyond from early reviews. Seeing characters and places from in game is gonna be a blast, plus going to watch it with friends who also play Blizzard games. In addition to the movie coming out, the Warcraft Chronicle is starting to drag me more and more into the lore, and may get me to pick up past books to read more into it. (Profile)

Draculea-Burning Legion-EU


The warcraft movie, for me, represents my childhood being put onto film. It's really that simple for me. Everything from the trailers so far shows that I am getting just that. I can not say how excited I am for the movie and will be happily dragging my girlfriend to see it with me. (Profile)


What i liked the most so far about the movie? The Special effects. All the Magic stuff Looks incredible, i hope to see a lot more in the full movie next week. Well about my expecations, i hope that they can bring that epic feeling and scale of Warcraft to all the Viewers that dont know the game. So i hope that it is a movie for everyone and not just for the fans of Warcraft. (Profile)


Well what i really like about the upcoming move is that one of my favourite fantasy universe is about to come to life! The visuals, the story, props everything looks great! I do have high expectations for the movie since we are talking about Blizzard! Blizzard means quality for me either we are talking about games or this new movie! I just hope they will do the best they can! (Profile)

Norpseldro-Steamwheedle Cartel-US

I'm looking forward to seeing all these great characters on the big screen, especially Gul'dan (My main is a lock). All these great places we have seen in machinima and other media won't compare to the big screen. One place I'm especially looking forward to see is Kara. Ever since my first time in Kara, I have wondered what it would look like and from the looks of the trailers we will get a chance to see it. Also can't wait to see the actual building of the dark portal and how all this great lore is tied together in the movie. (Profile)


Why I love the movie Warcraft, because I'm a fan of the Warcraft universe, and other Blizzard games. My first acquaintance with Warcraft was in 2003, when my birthday gave Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Later was Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, and the long-awaited World of Warcraft. The Russian premiere is scheduled for May 26, and I already bought a ticket. (Profile)


I love Warcraft since I was kid. I play WoW a lot of time, so I'm expect a great success to the film, and sertainly great action. It's very interesting for me to see orcs and the conflict between 2 factions from the new point of view. FOR THE HORDE! (Profile)


In 2007, me and my little friends traveled Azeroth. We campaign battlefield, fighting in the arena, spent many good times! World of Warcraft has many Chinese fans, we created World of Warcraft group together to talk about World of Warcraft, and similar to the movies. For the World of Warcraft movie, we waited too long! I want to see how my game character in the movie appeared, I want to see the effect of the familiar scenes into a movie after the game! I am looking forward to! Although World of Warcraft unhappy place, but hopefully World of Warcraft getting better and better! ! Blizzard is getting better. (Profile)


I never played the Warcraft RTS games when they first came out, but became a huge fan of Warcraft during WoTLK in WoW. I soon started to read a lot about the Lore and characters and surely also went back to playing Warcraft I to III for the story. It's great to see they're now bringing the awesome stories of Warcraft to the movies and I hope this film will only be the first of many. I haven't watched too many trailers because I didn't want to see too much beforehand, so I can experience it in its full glory in the cinema! My favourite Warcraft character is Garona (maybe because I play a rogue), so I'm really looking forward to how her character and visualizations turns out on screen as compared to the trailers. Since there are more than one group of friends who'd like to watch the film I'll probably see it 2 or even 3 times in the cinema, which would be a first for me. But if the film turns out as good as it looks from the trailers then it definitely will be worth going multiple times. (Profile)


It's a movie about my favorite game, and that's it ! Excellent actors and the wonders of computer graphics with the glorious history of Warcraft will raise iskusstno cinema to a new level!!! (Profile)


I am very excited that Blizzard is finally releasing a WoW movie!and I've been playing world of warcraft for years and I've been waiting for as many years to watch a movie based on the very rich world of warcraft lore.I absolutely cannot wait. (Profile)


It's my dream to see the Warcraft movie since my childhood until now. I love WoW, and those characters on the movie looks awesome. Everything is good. (Profile)


I have been playing blizzard games since I started gaming one of the best game in my opinion is still warcraft and world of warcraft since I have always been a lore geek. This movie brings my innter lore geek a real hype feeling to see that it has been put into a movie. When I first heard about the movie I was sceptic, but when I saw the trailers I was confinced that it would be a good movie seeing durotan and all the characters. would give it a 10/10 if i have to rate it based on the commercials and clips. (Profile)

Reky-Pozzo dell'Eternita-EU

I'd like to see the movie because I think World of Warcraft has a really nice and complete story in all its aspects (war, tardimente, good, bad) hello short, everything you could want from a movie stories comflitti between races. I look forward to years and finally on June 6 you go to see. (Profile)


I love the Warcraft movie by Duncan Jones, because it is the part of history of the game that we are playing all. Blizzard and all other staff have done an impressive job, the realism of the characters and visual effects really excite me. I read some books about World of Warcraft history, and I think, it will be a good expirence to compare, how I imagined Draenor and Azeroth to the way it is presented by Blizzard team. (Profile)


I'm looking forward for the Duncan Jones movie because it's the first movie about the Warcraft universe, and what kind of fan of WoW wouldn't love this movie and won't be waiting for it? I expect to see different actors who will do their best to play heroes because some of them play WoW too and they know how to do it right, also I'm waiting for absolutely awesome story and fights and arrrrrgh! Love love love! (Profile)


I was concerned about the Warcraft movie, but after the Medivh/Khadgar scene was released I lost all my doubts. I love magic, I love arcane magic, and Medivh's spells were so cool. I am hyped for the movie, but I want my family and my friends to enjoy this movie too. I am taking one of my friends to this movie. I want her to like Garona, to like Medivh and then: "BANG!," Garona mulitates King Liane, and Medivh reveals his inner Sargeras. I want people to be shocked and to realize that the Warcraft story is like real life... gray, not white-and-black. (Profile)


I love magic and fantasy creatures, especially in movies, with big wars in it, i looking foward epic battles, and also great Special effects , i'll be joining with many friends to assist the movie, hope we have a lovely time and wait for many warcraft movies to come! (Profile)


After learning the lore stories of Warcraft and spending many years of playing World of Warcraft, it’s just exciting for me to finally be able to sit in front of the big screen and delve into the Warcraft universe on whole more epic and realistic scale. The artistic work gone into the movie looks absolutely outstanding, especially with the detail gone into creating Durotan, Draka and the other Orcs! This movie is finally an opportunity to share what I’ve loved with my friends and family, and show them the world and stories they’ve missed out on whist just viewing me as some WoW geek (Although I am one 😉 ). The Warcraft Universe is full of so many amazing stories, and I think what excites me most is the prospect that there could be a whole franchise of Warcraft movies to see over the coming years that will retell many of those stories and get many more people into enjoying the Warcraft Universe with me; I’d love to see a film situated around the story of Arthas someday. (Profile)

Зубба-Howling Fjord-EU

I love Warcraft and everything about it. Books, stories, games and of course the movie... I don't really like going to the cinemas, but on this legendary sight I will go with great pleasure!!! I hope that this picture will not disappoint me and I'll be happy!!! I would like to see a couple of the lords of the burning Legion, such as Archimonde or Kiljaeden. But my most loved character is Khadgar. I wish he killed them all and became stronger than Sargeras himself... (Profile)


My main reason to go to see the film is to watch the scenes that appear in the game, for example Karazhan, Stormwind City, Ironforge, Westfall... My expectations for the film are really high!! I love the Warcraft universe I start in this universe, I read most of the books and cannot wait to see the movie. I started playing this game when I was almost 12 when the first expansion and since then except for some season l've never stopped playing. (Profile)

Talador-Dun Modr-EU

For me the movie is a goal that I wear to wait until it comes legion faster and I can not wait to see the movie and all its effects and if possible the next day to enjoy the beta legion. (Profile)


Warcraft 3 was the first 3D RTS I played. It was unique. World of Warcraft is my first online game. I waited a long time for the WARCRAFT movie. Judging by the trailers, there will be something amazing to see. I think it would be a smart film! (Profile)


The Chinese has a proverb that says: "Love me, love my dog." I have played WoW more than 10 years. I think this is not just a game, but a rich and colorful world. The film performance is a new attempt, but also a good opportunity for players to communicate with each other. I very much support it, and will go to watch it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the legendary assassin Garona's story in the official version of the film. (Profile)

Zeách-Tarren Mill-EU

I've been waiting for a Warcraft movie or series since forever, always been a huge fan since I started playing Warcraft. Seeing it realized is one of my dreams come true! (Profile)


I have played WoW since I was 11, so after seeing the beautiful clips of the Warcraft movie, I am really excited to go see it. (Profile)


I very much wait for the movie Warcraft because it is the movie on the huge, legendary Universe which has millions of fans worldwide. In the movie I will see heroes and characters close to me on the big screen, with magic, orks, and acquaintances on game to locations. Especially I am eager to see Mediv, on truth the legendary magician in Warcraft Universe. For a long time I reflected that would be abruptly if, Blizzard have shot the movie on game. And my small dream has come true. When I was small and studied at school, heard about Warcraft II and Warcraft III. And there was also an announcement of World Of Warcraft. But then I had no computer and I couldn't play. I read game magazines and I watched colourful pictures. And very much I wanted to play the games Blizzard. Now I have grown up and I am a great admirer of Blizzard and I can play all their games!:) (Profile)


I realy enjoy good lore in videogames and WoW is one of the game with the best lore i have ever played. From what i have seen in the trailers of the movie and from info on internet it seems that the movie will be realy close to the canon lore so i realy cant wait to see it! (Profile)


I have been playing the World of Warcraft for nearly 11 years since I were a high school student. It inspired me a lot with its epic story background and well rounded portrayal of characters. So once I heard the Warcraft Movie is releasing recently I am excited so much. The Movie is telling about the begining of the Warcraft universe which is exactly perfect. Since it would lead the audiences who never have chance to play the WOW into this fabulous world. "TWO WORLD ONE HOME" is the slogan of the movie, I myself would really like to see how would the movie would present it. Daniel Wu is one of my favorite actor who is playing a role in Gul'dan at this Movie. Some people says Gul'dan is an eveil. In my opinion, he is just trying to save his own kind. I am looking forward to see how would Daniel acts this Character. I am going to see this movie for 5 times ish with my friends to support the teams. Oh god, can't wait to see it! (Profile)


I play World Of Warcraft since 2005 and for all this time game hasn't bothered me, very much waited for this movie, I hope that will be not less epic than the Lord of the Rings. (Profile)

Ангелхил-Howling Fjord-EU

WoW game is really interesting that's why I've been playing it since 2005. I'm looking forward for every add-ons full of adventures which attract us to this world. I'm sure this movie same important as WoW game. (Profile)


I grew up literally in the world of World of Warcraft, have high expectations of how is something I imagine as a child. Stormwind is my home, and see it in reality will make me very happy. (Profile)


I am a 21-year-old man, I play WOW for 11 years, half of my life. Warcraft is basically what I'm very interested in, regardless of the game or the movies. Very much looking forward to the film's release. In addition, I look forward for World of Warcraft. (Profile)


I have been a fan of the Warcraft universe for many years now since I first played warcraft 3. I grew up watching my older brother play WoW and always wanted to give it a try; but never really getting the chance till 3 years ago, and because of tha,t I decided to study the stories of WoW. When I saw the first trailer for the movie, I was very exicted as it will now allow me to see and experince a part of the lore in a new style, and to see a part I never got to try due to only getting into Warcaft during warcraft 3. This movie will allow me to see The events that will help shape azeroth. (Profile)


Soon after I saw, I was looking forward to the movie special effects, and his view of the world and the orcs makeup. (Profile)


I cannot wait to see the upcoming Warcraft movie! So far, from what I've seen from the trailers. it looks very nice, even though I had my doubts about the over-usage of CGI. The actors also seem to be chosen well for their respective roles (Travis Fimmel seems to fit perfectly as Anduin) I expect the movie will respect the story of the First War, and will picture it in an interesting way for the viewers. (Profile)


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