Warcraft-Only Heroes of the Storm but with Caverns of Time

Marvel Comics released today a new video teaser for Secret Wars: Battleworld.

The Summer 2015 event has been teased the past weeks with over 15 images including heroes from different known alternate futures such as Future Imperfect (Hulk/Maestro), Days of Future Past, MC2, Earth X, and others.

The original Secret Wars and Secret Wars II were of Heroes and Villains of the Marvel Universe’s present. It is astonishing to see a new one with Heroes and Villains of alternate timelines, realities and alternate pasts and futures from the canon and even non-canon. It is nuts!

It hit me like a tidal wave. World of Warcraft has the Caverns of Time, and as revealed by Nozdormu in WarCraft: War of the Ancients Archive he is able to communicate with other Nozdormus from other times.

There is a Warcraft multiverse so to speak. We have seen Thrall go into the Caverns of Time to search for the missing Nozdormu in World of Warcraft: Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects. Thrall visited a past where he met Taretha. She tells him baby Thrall died in this timeline, and Aedelas Blackmoore left behind his alcoholism and hired and trained mercenaries to take control of Lordaeron. Blackmoore killed Orgrimm Doomhammer, Uther, Lothar and King Terenas.

In the recent World of Warcraft: War Crimes, we also see characters from alternate timelines of Azeroth.

Kairoz brought to the Temple of the White Tiger alternate versions of people present in the trial of Garrosh.

An insane Kalecgos revealed to his counterpart he comes from a timeline where he couldn’t convince Jaina Proudmoore (World of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War). She destroyed Orgrimmar. Short time later, Jaina died. All the blue dragonflight died, including Kirygosa… driving that alternate Kalecgos insane.

From another timeline, Kairoz brought forth a Thrall who actually became the champion of Aedelas Blackmoore years ago.

From another timeline, Kairoz brought forth a Warchief Baine who murdered Garrosh to avenge Cairne’s death.

From another, a King Anduin Wrynn wielding Fearbreaker — from a timeline where Varian had died.

Blizzard Entertainment has slowly teased fans about the possibilities. The multiverse.

Cherry on top, we now have Warlords of Draenor — where Garrosh arrived 35 years in the past of Draenor, convinced Grom not to drink Mannoroth’s blood and forged the Iron Horde.

Could it be possible for Blizzard Entertainment to launch a video game based entirely on Warcraft alternate timelines?

What would make more sense to you? An MMO? An RTS? Or something akin to Heroes of the Storm?

The Red Shirt Guy’s BlizzCon 2014 Predictions

BlizzCon 2014 is nearly upon us and, as with every year, speculation about the convention’s announcements have run wild. Here are my predictions for what we shall see announced this year.

Things I’m Very Sure Of:

Hearthstone expansion, it’s been teased to fan sites over the past weeks and the Hearthstone website posted a strange article hinting at new features. From these various teasers, I’m fairly certain the Hearthstone expansion will be mechanical themed in terms of the new cards added, and will have a spectator mode and a new gameplay mode, “speed rounds,” in which each player is given only fifteen seconds for their turns.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void reveal. Blizzard released several StarCraft II sound files over the past few days which are titled respectively “See” “…you…” “…at…” with the last one uploaded only 11 hours ago as of this writing. Yes, technically LoV can’t be “revealed” as we’ve known about it since before StarCraft II even launched, but this would be the first public look at the expansion, similar to Heart of the Swarm‘s reveal trailer several BlizzCons ago.

Warlords of Draenor patch content. Jeremy Feasel mentioned on Twitter that they will be showcasing some new pet battle information, which means, even if it’s just pet content, there will be information about 6.1 and beyond. My personal guess would be a showcase of Tanaan Jungle, perhaps discussion on how the patch cycle will work as they have been rather vague in past interviews, and if they’re ready, a preview of the updated blood elf models.

Things I’m Not as Sure Of:

Overwatch. Blizzard has filed 7 trademarks for this recently, one months ago and the others over these last two weeks. Considering all the different trademarks I’d hazard to say Overwatch is a new IP, and possibly the “big announcement” that Blizzard employees have been alluding to on Twitter. As for what it is, I’d theorize it’s the setting and lore made for the canceled Titan project put into a non-MMO game of some type, but it’s just a guess with no real evidence backing it up.

Heroes of the Storm beta announcement. Nothing for HOTS has been teased the way Hearthstone has, but with the “final phase of the technical alpha” having started a little while ago, now would be the perfect time to announce when HOTS will enter its beta test. I’d also expect some new heroes and possibly new maps to be shown off as well.

Eye of Azshara is fake. Yes, someone would have had to spend $299 and commit a crime to get that trademark up if it’s not genuine, but at this point things aren’t looking to be in EoA’s favor. It hasn’t been filed in any other country, whereas Warlords of Draenor was quickly trademarked in other regions after its discovery. I would certainly like it to be genuine, I might even make a series of posts about what I would want to see in a hypothetical Azshara expansion, but at this point I doubt it has anything to do with this year’s BlizzCon. Hopefully I’m wrong on this one.


Jarod:NWBZPWNR- One year later



NWBZPWNR at Blizzcon 2013 (Blizzard Entertainment)

It’s been nearly a year since Jarod:NWBZPWNR raided the stage at Blizzcon 2013 stealing not only the audience’s heart, but the internet’s as well. As Blizzcon looms ever closer, we caught up with Jarod to see how time has gone since his cosplay Pwn’d the world.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, why don’t we get to know a little about yourself.

Jarod: I’m a 34 year old former Graphics Designer from Orange County currently living in Bakersfield. I am active in various geek communities and activities which include vintage anime, cosplay, and everything Blizzard– most especially World of Warcraft.

For those out there who might not know, could you give a recap on who NWBZPWNR is?

Jarod: Jenkins the Griefer is the player who controls the character NWBZPWNR in the South Park episode Make Love, Not Warcraft.  It’s based off of a Blizzard employee named Joeyray Hall. His name is never revealed in the episode but in the script he was called “NWBZPWNR” or sometimes “Nwbzpwnr” but the distinction is that NWBZPWNR is the name of his world of warcraft character. Most people tend to name him, “That Which Has No Life.”

You were able to walk the stage last year as a walk on, what did you expect then?

Jarod: I expected to be enjoyed, but the reaction was nothing I had anticipated. I felt like the Big Man on Campus.

The Hunt for Alleria Windrunner (Warlords of Draenor Beta)

If one builds a Lunarfall Inn (Alliance) or Frostwall Tavern (Horde) in their garrison, they gain access to unique quests given by various figures in WoW lore such as Darion Mograine, Lorewalker Cho, and Aviana. These quests have some interesting background lore; for example Darion is researching the Shadowmoon clan to better understand the Lich King’s origins, and Cho believes there are Titan artifacts hidden in the Everbloom. However there is one quest which has far bigger and more immediate implications. It comes from an unlikely source, a masked night elf simply referred to as “Cowled Ranger,” and she gives a quest titled “The Huntresses.”

Alleria and Turalyon Should be Villains; a Red Shirt Guy Editorial

One of the most engaging mysteries left in Warcraft lore is the question of what happened to Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon. Last seen on Outland in the moments after Draenor’s destruction, they have not been heard from since. Blizzard has joked about their absence frequently, both at past BlizzCons and the in-game loading screen tip “Nobody has seen Alleria or Turalyon in years” (which in the Warlords of Draenor beta has been changed to “Nobody has seen Alleria or Turalyon in years. Still”).

There are a myriad of theories on what happened to them, or how they will re-incorporated into World of Warcraft, but this article won’t be about that. I’ve been thinking more on what Alleria and Turalyon should do once they are back.

It’s often been speculated that they will leave their heritage as Alliance heroes to become neutral characters. Characters following the same “for the greater good and little personality beyond that”-personality used for Tirion Fordring in Wrath of the Lich King, Thrall in Cataclysm, and Archmage Khadgar in Warlords of Draenor. I want Alleria and Turalyon to have a more interesting role if and when they return…

I want them to be villains.

Meet the Clans of Draenor

When Thrall became Warchief of the Horde, he dissolved the orcish clans (though many still exist as organizations within the Horde, such as the Warsong Outriders and Shattered Hand rogues). This is not true of the orcs of Draenor. Instead of a conglomerate nation, the orcish clans each have unique cultures, fighting styles, leaders, strengths, and weaknesses. If one is to survive the coming onslaught by the Warlords of Draenor, knowledge of the orc clans in paramount.

Blackfathom Deeps being Revamped in Warlords of Draenor, the Red Shirt Guy Explores

While exploring the Warlords of Draenor alpha, I found that besides the announced content such as Frostfire Ridge and the new models, there was another very shocking addition. The classic five-man Blackfathom Deeps has been completely revamped. All of the bosses have been replaced (with the exception of Aku’mai and Ghamoo-ra, who both have new models and abilities), along with new npcs, a new story and a strange new scenario-like quest feature.

First we’ll look at the new dungeon journal, then behind the cut, a sixteen minute long run-through of the entire instance. This was filmed in the also to be revamped, but as a level 100 heroic, Upper Blackrock Spire to give you a sneak preview of that as well. There is no indication that Blackfathom Deeps will have any heroic equivalent.

Warlords of Draenor Editorial – The Search for Turalyon and Alleria

The portals we can see throughout Outland have existed in the canon since WarCraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal. That game was about Ner’zhul sending the death knight Teron Gorefiend and his dark riders through the dark portal with a special mission: to find four artifacts of power from the lands of Azeroth.

The four artifacts were:

  • The Eye of Dalaran
  • The Scepter of Sargeras
  • The Skull of Gul’dan
  • The Book of Medivh

With these items of power, Ner’zhul embarked on his quest to open several portals leading to other worlds to give the orcs new lands to conquer. The Alliance, however, sent Khadgar, Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, Danath Trollbane and Kurdran Wildhammer along with a small army to invade Draenor.

Ner’zhul managed to open the portals, but something went wrong. The portals began to tear the planet Draenor apart. From the debris all that remains is scattered lands floating in the Twisting Nether. The known pieces of land are known nowadays as Outland. (More below)

The Future of the Past, a War Crimes Analysis

world-of-warcraft-war-crimes-coverThe latest World of Warcraft novel, War Crimes by Christie Golden, came out today. Reviews of the book have been pouring from various WoW fansites over the past few days, but this will not be one. Suffice to say, I really liked the book (aside from one big flaw), and it make me extremely excited for Warlords of Draenor. Instead, I’m going to talk about some of the shocking revelations brought to light in War Crimes and the implications they might have for the storyline of Warlords of Draenor.

Obviously this means there will be spoilers, so if you with to read the book “fresh” then I recommend doing so first before reading this article.

When Will We Get to Draenor? Warlords of Draenor Release Date Speculation

Hello Blizzplanet readers, unfortunately some technical difficulties have gotten in the way of my write-up about Shadowmoon Valley as shown at BlizzCon 2013, so in the meantime let’s look at another important topic. Just when are we going to get to Draenor, anyway?