NYCC 2018 Women of AFK panel (Scholastic): Warcraft: Traveler

At the New York Comic Con, The Women of AFK panelists discussed different topics ranging from HALO, HelloNeighbor, FiveNightsAtFreddys and RWBY; but they also discussed other topics. World of Warcraft and Overwatch were mentioned a few times by Chloe Fraboni.

During the New York Comic Con 2018 Women of AFK panel’s Q&A, I asked Scholastic senior editor Chloe Fraboni about upcoming Blizzard licensed books.

Blizzplanet: I want to ask if there is any new plans for books about World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, or Overwatch?

Chloe: Yea. World of Warcraft… we are publishing the third book in the Travelers series next Fall. So that’s going to be coming out, and we have a really exciting author that I can’t tell any of you about♪

We have some new stuff going on with Blizzard that I can’t say what property it is for. But I am really excited about it.

Blizzplanet: How soon can we hear about it? Sorry, How Soon™?

Chloe: Probably… maybe in March.

NOTE: Chloe didn’t specify the property, but if you watch the entire video (long before the Q&A), she mentioned she visited Blizzard Entertainment at some point in the past and met her dream developer… Jeff Kaplan. She is an avid Overwatch player. I am not saying the property she refers to is “Overwatch”… but it’s fair to mention what I witnessed.

You can watch the portion of the Q&A skipping ahead to 42:58 in the video.

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The 8.1 Darkshore Quests are Really Bad

I hate being negative. I especially hate it with just how toxic the community has gotten on places like MMO-Champion, the story forums, or Reddit. However the Darkshore questline, as it exists on the 8.1 PTR, has such bad writing feel I need to bring the issues with it to light. When I say bad writing, I don’t mean the normal “I dislike the story they are telling and/or believe the plot decisions and characterizations are bad,” bad writing, which is always to at least a partial degree subjective. I mean the writing is bad in a structural, mechanical sense. The quest text and spoken dialogue is completely at odds with what’s being shown. This is mostly the case for the Alliance quests, but the Horde version has issues as well. Originally I intended to release this after 8.1 goes live, as there are at least three missing cinematics which could provide some context. After some discussions on twitter, I’ve become convinced that releasing this now would be more useful. I doubt there’s enough time for Blizzard to implement any feedback on these quests, much of the voice acting is done and that’s typically the last thing they do once everything else is locked in, but perhaps it could be helpful input for future content. Let’s dive in.

Warning: the following contains heavy spoilers for Patch 8.1.

Patch 8.1 – The Hunt for Saurfang

Not sure what this questline is attached to in terms of Horde Story Achievement, but the latest PTR build introduced some kind of search or hunt for Saurfang who has escaped from the Stormwind Stockades. Sylvanas sends you and a dark ranger to search for clues that lead to finding Saurfang. Things get complicated toward the end, with you betraying the Warchief Sylvanas. Seems we are on the verge of civil war at some point in the future.


Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 – Blood Elf Heritage Armor Questline

The Blood Elf Heritage Armor questline starts in Orgrimmar at the Orgrimmar Embassy (39.31,78.96) — given by a blood elf named Ambassador Dawnsworn. The requirement to start the quest is to be a Blood Elf, Exalted with Silvermoon City and to be level 120.

The player is sent to Silvermoon City to talk to Regent-Lord Lor’themar Theron. He provides you with a magic lantern that allows you to witness the series of events that led to the Fall of the Sunwell. You will see King Anasterian, Arthas the Death Knight, Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider, Sylvanas Windrunner, and a younger version of your character as you fight the Scourge to protect Quel’Thalas.

NOTE: In the PTR 8.1 you can complete the questline, but the Transmog item reward and the Achievement are not available in build 28048.

1. Pride of the Sin'dorei6. The Day Hope Died
2. Walk Among Ghosts7. Defense of Quel'Danas
3. Writing on the Wall8. A People Shattered
4. The First to Fall9. The Setting Sun
5. Lament of the Highborne10. The Fall of the Sunwell

Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 – Dwarf Heritage Armor Questline

The Dwarf Heritage Armor questline starts in Stormwind City at the Stormwind Embassy (54.57,18.18) — given by an Explorer League dwarf named Digger Golad. The requirement to start the quest is to be Exalted with Ironforge and to be level 120.

The discovery of an Ancient Tablet leads you to the Madoran’s Study deep in Old Iron Forge. There you recover the broken fragments of Madoran’s Armor. A blacksmith now residing in Loch Modan informs Brann Bronzebeard that the ancient dwarves were able to forge that armor by transforming into their former stone form for longer periods of time than modern dwarves can achieve.

Brann forms a plan and leads you to Ulduar in Northrend to ask Ignis the Furnace Master to help forge a new armor from the old fragments. An Earthen assists with a ritual for your transformation into stone to forge the armor.

NOTE: In the PTR 8.1 you can complete the questline, but the Transmog item reward and the Achievement are not available in build 28048.

1. Keep your Feet on the Ground7. Interest Yah in a Pint?
2. Something Valuable. Perhaps?8. Recruiting the Furnace Master
3. Ancient Armor, Ancient Mystery9. Earthen Blessing
4. Watch Yer Back10. Forging the Armor
5. Madoran's Study11. Legacy of the Bronzebeard
6. Shards of the Past

SPOILERS & Speculation: Forsaken Character Customization

I have been telegraphing this for a long time since Legion, when Sylvanas stroke a bargain with Helya. Still it was vague enough to discard as looking too deep into it. I even wrote a speculation article back on May 2018.

Then, Nathanos ordered the raising of two Kul Tirans from the death as Forsaken (during the War Effort Campaign) in Battle for Azeroth. That was a strong hint of things to come.

World of Warcraft Patch 8.1 Warfront: Darkshore Questline

The Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 introduces the Warfront: Darkshore, which according to Ion Hazzikostas, focuses on the Night Elves versus the Forsaken.

1. On Whispered Winds5. Hope
2. Waning Hope6. In Darkest Night (Scenario)
3. Shores of Fate7. We Are Coming Unlocks Warfront: Darkshore
4. No Survivors


1. Darkshore Donations: Gold
2. Darkshore Donations: War Resources
3. Darkshore Donations: Star Moss
4. Darkshore Donations: Quick Golden Beryl
5. Darkshore Donations: Mistscale
6. Darkshore Donations: Sand Shifter
7. Darkshore Donations: Seasoned Steak and Potatoes
8. Darkshore Donations: Blood-Stained Bone

World Quests

All World Quests in Darkshore reward 7th Legion Service Medal (currency). Go to Provisioner Stoutforge to buy rewards: Heirlooms, Transmog gear, Toys, Pets, and Mounts.
1. Anything We Can Salvage11. Hunting Season
2. Shattering Spears12. Blackwood Liberation
3. Back to the Depths13. Rituals of Twilight
4. Legacy in Ruins14. A Dangerous Combination
5. Glaive Consequences15. Out of their Mine
6. Bilgewater Bandits16. Shards of Narassin
7. Turning the Tides17. Mrggr'marr
8. Prisoners of the Darkscale18. Orwell Stevenson
9. Fueling the Flames19. Commander Drald
10. Tip of the Trident20. Croz Bloodrage
These quests reward you with 5 7th Legion Service Medals each -- located in Bashal'Aran.
1. Remaining Threats3. Buzzkill
2. Tapping the Breach
1. Trouble in Darkshore7. The Dead of Night
2. Dark Ranger Round-up8. Quit Vining!
3. Black Moon Rising9. Aftermath
4. We're Not Out of the Woods Yet10. Warfront Preparations
5. The Night Warrior11. Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore
6. Where Hope Dies


1. Darkshore Donations: War Resources
2. Darkshore Donations: Gold
3. Darkshore Donations: Battle Flag Spirit of Freedom
4. Darkshore Donations: Coarse Leather Barding
5. Darkshore Donations: Shimmerscale
6. Darkshore Donations: Shimmerscale
7. Darkshore Donations: Deep Sea Satin
8. Darkshore Donations: Winter's Kiss
9. Darkshore Donations: Blood-Stained Bone
10. Darkshore Donations: Crimson Ink
11. Darkshore Donations: Scarlet Diamond
12. Darkshore Donations: Sand Shifter

World Quests

All World Quests in Darkshore reward Honorbound Service Medal (currency). Go to Provisioner Mukra to buy rewards: Heirlooms, Transmog gear, Toys, Pets, and Mounts.
1. Legacy in Ruins10. Tip of the Trident
2. Back to the Depths11. Scurvy Dogs!
3. Anything We Can Salvage12. Kaldorei Resurgence
4. Worgen in the Ore Mine13. Rituals of Twilight
5. Turning the Tides14. A Dangerous Combination
6. Fueling the Flames15. Ending the Blackwood
7. Prisoners of the Darkscale16. Stolen Sorcery
8. Blood and Ashes
9. Singed Saplings
These quests reward you with 5 Honorbound Service Medals each -- located in Bashal'Aran.
1. Remaining Threats3. Buzzkill
2. Tapping the Breach

These are the rare elite mobs found throughout 8.1 Darkshore in the outdoor world when Alliance or Horde controls Warfront: Darkshore Patrols.

Athil Drewfire
Athrikus Narassin
Commander Ral'esh
Gren Tornfur
Ivus the Forest Lord
Sapper Odette
Stormbinder Ssra'vess
Thelar Moonstrike
Twilight Prophet Graeme

World of Warcraft Patch 8.1 – Assault World Quests

As explained by Ion Hazzikostas, Incursions are like the Legion Invasion world quests, which interrupt the normal flow of daily world quests with a special event that lasts less than 24 hours.

The Incursion is an invasion world quests hub where instead of demons, Horde soldiers attack Kul Tiras, or Alliance soldiers attack Zandalar. It is the next chapter of the War Effort. At the end of the Incursion, you get a Achievement progress for “ON THE FRONTLINES” (Alliance) or “FRONTLINE WARRIOR” (Horde).

Activision Blizzard Names J. Allen Brack As New President of Blizzard Entertainment

Activision Blizzard named World of Warcraft executive producer J. Allen Brack as the new president of Blizzard Entertainment. Former CEO Mike Morhaime will stay at Blizzard in a strategic advisor capacity. Ray Gresko and co-founder Allen Adham have also been promoted, according to the press release.


Company Appoints Ray Gresko as Chief Development Officer and Blizzard Founder Allen Adham to Executive Leadership Team

SANTA MONICA, Calif.– Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced the appointment of Blizzard veteran and World of Warcraft® Executive Producer J. Allen Brack as the new president of Blizzard Entertainment succeeding Mike Morhaime, who will remain a strategic advisor to the company. The company also announced the appointments of Chief Development Officer Ray Gresko and Blizzard Founder Allen Adham to Blizzard’s executive leadership team.

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