Flanking Maneuvers | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: I will take command of Fareeya’s lieutenants and we will escort Velen to the Crest of Knowledge. His mission must not fail.

We face an old foe– one the Army of the Light has encountered on numerous occasions. Talgath will try to block us in and prevent our retreat.

You must not let that happen. Find out how he is bringing in his forces and cut them off. All we need is time to get in and get out.

We are counting on you.



Close 3 Legion Portals.

Flanking Maneuvers


A Non-Prophet Organization | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: I have complete faith that Velen is nearby. We would know if he had been captured.

All the same, we must not delay. The Legion has a vested interest in finding him after all he has done to resist them. I shudder to think what they might do, given the chance.

That is why I am going with you.

We will find Velen and help him track down the Crest of Knowledge. We must have faith in his mission or all will be lost.



Locate Velen.

A Non-Prophet Organization


Overt Ops | Patch 7.3

Captain Fareeya: My soldiers are out there, .

I need you to find Baraat, Sorvos, and Telaamon. They were in the process of securing this area for Velen when the Legion came down on top of our heads.

Inform them that their orders are to regroup with the Prophet at once.

The time for subtlety has passed. There is a small army between us and them. Do what you must.

Light keep you safe.



Locate Baraat the Longshot, Grand Vindicator Sorvos, and Blademaster Telaamon.

overt ops


We have a Problem | Patch 7.3

High Exarch Turalyon: We have a problem, (name). The Legion has come to Mac’Aree.

When you claimed the Sigil it was as if we announced our presence to all of Argus. The eyes of Antorus are firmly upon us.

Just wait. It gets worse.

Velen took Captain Fareeya and her forces into the Arinor Gardens area to search for the Crest of Knowledge. To my knowledge, they are all now behind enemy lines.

Come with me to the Conservatory. We need to bring Velen and the others back before it is too late.



Meet Turalyon at the Conservatory of the Arcane.

We have a Problem


The Sigil of Awakening | Patch 7.3

Archmage Y’mera: This relic is too powerful to keep it out in the open.

We must return to the Vindicaar at once. The Prophet will know what to do.

I did want to thank you, (name). Without you this would not be possible. Quoram would have ensured I never got near the Sigil. Perhaps some day I will share that story with you.



Return to the Vindicaar and secure the Sigil of Awakening.

The Sigil of Awakening


The Defiler’s Legacy | Patch 7.3

Vigilant Quoram: It seems you are not so easily deterred. Very well.

Your deeds qualify you to seek the Sigil. To be clear I am only permitting you to move on. This does not guarantee your success.

The greatest of your challenges lies before you.

You must go to the Praetorium and face Archimonde himself. Only by defeating the master of the Conservatory will you be worthy of the Sigil.

None have ever overcome this obstacle. I hope he does not make too much of a mess with you.



Defeat Archimonde and retrieve the Sigil of Awakening.

The Defiler's Legacy


Gatekeeper’s Challenge: Mastery | Patch 7.3

Vigilant Quoram: Archimonde was an individual consumed by the pursuit of power. Only those who could match his lust would fare well under his tutelage.

You will fight what remains of Archimonde’s greatest pupils. These three once held such power in their own disciplines that the Conservatory remembers them now.

Their echoes will try to kill you.

Best all three with all your limbs intact and I will recognize your strength.



Defeat Grand Vizier Jarasum, Arc-Consul Velara, and High Wakener Aargon.

Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery


Gatekeeper’s Challenge: Cunning | Patch 7.3

Vigilant Quoram: Archimonde expected greatness from his pupils. Only the most imaginative minds, the most adroit of intellects, could ever truly fathom the deepest reaches of our magic.

I doubt you can relate.

The path to my left will take you to a set of three statues. Use them to collect a Mark of Cunning.

To preserve the integrity of this trial, I will not be able to provide hints. If you do, by some miracle, happen to succeed, I will formally recognize your… brilliance.



Collect a Fragment of Acuity, Wit, and Guile and combine them into a Mark of Cunning.


Gatekeeper’s Challenge: Tenacity | Patch 7.3

Vigilant Quoram: My master Archimonde was not known for his willingness to suffer indecision.

He preferred to teach by rewarding frustration with more frustration– punishment with more punishment. Absolute conviction was required to succeed under him.

At the opposite end of the Conservatory you will find a large structure. Once inside, your goal is to overcome all the obstacles placed before you.

Emerge unscathed and I will be forced to consider your will strong enough to proceed.



Overcome the Trial of Tenacity.

Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity


The Longest Vigil | Patch 7.3

Archmage Y’mera: It was a good thing we sought two sources of energy. Even with the conduits active, the construct has not stirred.

It has likely been inactive a long while. Perhaps as long as Mac’Aree has floated above Argus.

What a long, lonely vigil it must have been.

(Y’mera is silent for a moment as she peers at the construct.)

Go ahead and jostle it a little. That combined with one last jolt of magic ought to do the trick.



Wake the Gatekeeper.

The Longest Vigil