Goddess Watch Over You | Turalyon Questline

Archmage Khadgar: I may have found a “key” to unlock Light’s Heart, (Name). I was going through some ancient cosmology tomes when I stumbled upon a passage indicating that the prime naaru may have been created by Elune during the great ordering of Light and Shadow. If Elune did create Xe’ra, then it stands to reason that we could use the Tears of Elune to unlock the secrets of Light’s Heart. It’s a long shot, but we’ve got nothing left to lose. Meet me in Dalaran. I will ready the Tears of Elune for you.



Quest Objectives

Meet Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran.


Light’s Charge | Turalyon Questline

Archmage Khadgar: “You did not ask for this burden, but it is what fate has deemed.” Turalyon’s haunting last words still echo in my mind. I worry about the fate of the draenei… about the fate of my friend, Velen: but we must remain vigilant, (Name)! For now, Light’s Heart remains under your watchful eye. There is one place on Azeroth that I would trust with the safekeeping of the object: your order hall. Take it there, (Name). I will remain in Dalaran and continue looking for answers. There must be another way!

Light's Charge


Quest Objectives

Place Light’s Heart in your Order Hall.


Bringer of the Light | Turalyon Questline

Archmage Khadgar: Turalyon lives! For ages I had thought that my old friend had perished on some desolate Legion world. But to know that he yet lives and is in danger is too much to bear. We must hurry, (Name). We must uncover the object’s sacred purpose. The prophet of whom Turalyon spoke of is undoubtedly the leader of the draenei, Velen. Take the object and journey to the Exodar. It is there that you will find Prophet Velen. I will open a portal for you now. Take my beacon and use it when you are ready to return.



Quest Objectives

Discover the purpose of the Mysterious Lightbound Object.


A Falling Star | Turalyon Questline

(Khadgar ponders the information that you brought to him.)

Archmage Khadgar: You say that it cut a swathe through the Felstorm and was emanating power enough that your scout could fell it coursing through their body? Something that powerful could prove to be a potent weapon against the Burning Legion! I will inform the other order leaders of your discovery while you investigate the matter further! A gryphon awaits your command at Krasus’ Landing! Light guide you.



Quest Objectives

Find the Mysterious Lightbound Object.


A Sign From the Sky | Turalyon Questline

NOTE: The quest starts in the Class Order Hall by the co-leader of your class (you being the leader). In this case, you can read/watch the paladin class version.

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: With the Order of the Silver Hand reformed under your leadership, we have new direction and guidance. We have much work ahead of us.

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus: Greetings, Highlord. I have important news to share with you. During my expedition to the Broken Shore, I saw with my own eyes an extraordinarily luminescent object emerge from the Felstorm. It fell down towards the coast of Suramar, cutting a swath through the tempest itself! From it I felt an incredible surge of power, before it vanished beyond the horizon. We need to bring news of this immediately to Archmage Khadgar.

A Sign From the Sky


Quest Objectives

Speak to Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran.


Legion Audio Drama – The Tomb of Sargeras: Standing Alone

Blizzard Entertainment presents the fourth-part of the World of Warcraft: Legion audio drama — The Tomb of Sargeras: Standing Alone.



The story written by Robert Brooks serves as a prequel to World of Warcraft: Legion. The story picks up shortly after Archimonde slammed Gul’dan through a fel portal toward Azeroth, and ends with the opening of the gateway in the Tomb of Sargeras.

This audio drama is a very powerful medium for Blizzard to captivate the mind and heart of fans. In combination with Steven Pacey’s narration techniques, the sound effects, and the mood-setting music scores, Tomb of Sargeras is a masterpiece. You will certainly want more and more. Big kudos and a thank you to Robert Brooks for writing: Tomb of Sargeras.

The full transcript can be found here.


Tomb of Sargeras:Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4


Activision Blizzard 2016 Q2 Financial Results Conference Call

Activision Blizzard held today its Q2 Financial Results conference call. For the first time, Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Morhaime did not report the progress across all video games. His report was read by Thomas Tippl (Chief-Operating-Officer) instead. Morhaime, however, participated in the Q&A session at the end of the conference.



Special highlights of the conference:

Remain focused on key priorities: building audiences globally, growing engagement by investing in new content, celebrating our players through initiatives like esports, and continuing to be a great place to work.



  • The Warcraft film is one of the highest grossing Hollywood releases ever in China and the biggest game-based movie release worldwide
  • World of Warcraft has gotten strong momentum in China following the release of the Warcraft film
  • World of Warcraft Legion will launch on August 30. Pre-purchases tracking in-line with last expansion (Warlords of Draenor).



  • Overwatch global launch was a resounding success. Over 15M Overwatch players to date have played about 500M hours
  • Added new hero, competitive play mode, & Summer Games content with new soccer-like mode
  • Overwatch achieved the 15M milestone more quickly than any game in Blizzard’s history
  • Player-base split roughly evenly between East and West
  • Overwatch was launched simultaneously across multiple platforms and regions, including China and Korea
  • Overwatch broke Diablo III’s record as fastest-selling PC game in China
  • Overwatch holds the #1 position in Korean Internet Game Rooms with over 30% share of play-time



  • Record quarterly time spent with the launch of Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Deep engagement drove double digit revenue increase year-over-year in the quarter
  • One Night in Karazhan, the next adventure is expected to launch next week



  • 10th BlizzCon this November 4-5, to include Overwatch World Cup




Harbingers: Illidan

Blizzard Entertainment released the last of the World of Warcraft: Legion short animated series — Harbingers: Illidan. In this new story, a disciple of Illidan confronts him with a question: Demonic energies run through our veins and gnaw at our every thought. What makes us any different than the Burning Legion?. At the end, she gets her answer; and thus setting in a silver-lining why you must choose to play as a Demon Hunter.

Order your copy of World of Warcraft: Legion. (August 28)

Credits: Directed by Marc Messenger. Art by Laurel Austin. Written by Andrew Robinson. — source


HARBINGERSStory of Gul'danStory of KhadgarIllidan



Browse through 155 images taken from the Harbingers: Illidan short animated video:

Legion Audio Drama: The Tomb of Sargeras: The Tomb’s Fury

Blizzard Entertainment released the third part of the Legion Audio Drama: The Tomb of Sargeras. In “Tomb’s Fury,” – read the transcript while you listen to the audio drama. Available in iTunes, and Google Play (Source).

In Part 3, there is a cliffhanger that makes you wonder how the portal for the Burning Legion was opened within the Tomb of Sargeras. Makes me think Part 4 comes with a twist. This is a MUST-HAVE story. The Tomb of Sargeras audio drama makes you want MORE from Robert Brooks, and from narrator Steven Pacey.



1. Kil’jaeden commands Gul’dan: “END THIS! NEITHER OF YOU CAN DIE THIS DAY.” That is intriguing for the future of Khadgar. We already saw in the Short Animated (Harbingers: The Story of Khadgar) that the Burning Legion leaders have marked Khadgar as their potential servant in Azeroth — the same way Queen Azshara, Ner’zhul, and Gul’dan were. Harbingers happened before the audio drama. That means Khadgar continues to be part of the Burning Legion’s plan.


Tomb of Sargeras:Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4