During our Legion Summit Interview, Blizzplanet reporter @Dperschonok and colleague influencer @SwiftyiRL had the opportunity to ask game director Tom Chilton and art director Chris Robinson various questions related to the art design of the Broken Isles zones, the Artifact system, Scaling, and Class Halls.


Transcript (soon)

1. What inspired the artistic mood and style for Azsuna, Highmountain, Val’sharah, Stormheim, and Suramar? Each is beautiful. When I see Azsuna, Greek comes to mind.

2. Which races and creatures in Legion had an art overhaul? Worgen are in the spotlight so it seems like a good time.

3. Something that struck me as amazing is the amount work done to make each artifact questline unique. That’s over 36 of them. Could you discuss the process of creating the artwork for the artifacts, and the artifact scenarios?

4. A question many beta testers ask is: At what level can players get the opportunity to seek the second artifact for their other spec, and where at?

5. Can players transmog their artifacts into their favorite weapon, or even into past Legendary weapons?

6. Something new introduced in Beta is that you can add a third relic slot for your artifact. What’s the requirement to unlock it?

7. How can a player plan ahead which relic they need most? Can you swap relics, reset, and test other ones until you feel comfortable, or is the relic lost when replaced?

8. How does level scaling work, and are there plans to implement mob level scaling beyond the Broken Isles?

9. How does the Class Hall Missions work in contrast with the Garrison Follower missions and Shipyard system? Any fundamental differences?

10. What are the other new systems you are introducing in Legion, and how do they work?

11. What zone do you love the most, and what NPC are you most proud of in terms of art direction, where you went: Yes, we nailed it?