Nazjatar is now available for testing in the World of Warcraft 8.2 PTR servers. The zone is immense in size taking me 1:45 to fully explore it, and there were definitely some areas I missed.

The zone is layered in low and high ground and felt a lot like an Argus 2.0. Elites are shown directly in the map and the mini-map. They also ping the mini-map. Definitely Argus 2.0.

Nazjatar is basically the bottom of the sea. Azshara cast a spell that parted the ocean in such a way that the zone of Nazjatar is not underwater. The zone is surrounded by massive ocean walls that you can’t walk through (or swim through?). On the east side lies Zin’Ashari. It is immense like Suramar City, but completely in ruins. The ground is not even. Some of its areas are broken, rising in a 45 degree, or steeper. Multiple corridors; and underground, and high ground temples.

From a outdoor fountain surrounded by a temple, you can perfectly watch a half-moon in the sky. The Eternal Temple’s outdoor is a massive fountain with a gigantic statue of Azshara. It is guarded by elite Naga and void creatures.

On the Horde side, the Nazjatar storyline is spearheaded by Lor’themar Theron and First Arcanist Thalyssra. Especially in Zin’Azshari.

I can’t wait to quest here and learn the local stories. Watch the video Nazjatar exploration below.

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