The latest Battle for Azeroth PTR 8.1 (28151) introduced the Blood Elf Heritage Armor. It can be found in the Collections under the Appearances Tab. Look for the Set tab: Heritage of the Sin’dorei.


The Blood Elf Demon Hunter can also wear the Heritage of the Sin’dorei.


The Dwarf Heritage Armor set is available now: Heritage of the Bronzebeard. I created a Dark Iron Dwarf character to test, but the Transmogrifier NPC doesn’t list the Heritage of the Bronzebeard.


The Island Expeditions table now has a marker to inform where the table is located in the maps. When you hover the mouse cursor over the marker, it displays how much Azerite you have collected so far. Only the Horde side has this marker.


Things this PTR build hasn’t added:

  • Warfront: Darkshore (Horde)
  • Island Expeditions: Havenwood and Jorundall

To learn more about the features missing in PTR 8.1, which haven’t been tested yet, check out our full transcript of the Patch 8.1 Livestream held by Ion Hazzikostas a few weeks ago.

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