While playing in Heroic Island Expeditions, a message pop onscreen alerting that mists had begun to engulf the isle and that Kvaldir were about to engage shortly. We killed a few Kvaldir rare elites, and at the end of the Isle Expeditions I was rewarded with Ring of the Reefs.

The item begins a quest titled the same way, and asked me to travel to Stormheim to deliver the item to Valdemar, the Vrykul Valajar Emissary.

The quest reads:

Valdemar: “Another ring? Hmph. Yes, we have been seeing them more frequently. Helya is growing in power. What, small one, are you surprised? Did you think she was defeated? You cannot kill death! I thank you for making me laugh today, little friend. Odyn has heard about your search for Azerite, we have gathered what we could. Here, it is yours.”

This immediately rose a few flags in my mind knowing full well what the new Vol’jin storyline is building up to where it was revealed that it was not the spirits who advised Vol’jin to name Sylvanas the next Warchief of the Horde. Someone hijacked Vol’jin at that moment to manipulate who the next Warchief was to be.

That means that all the deaths caused by Sylvanas’ rampage through this war is fueling souls to a mysterious figure. It could be Helya who Valdemar says is growing even stronger. Or maybe Helya is working all along for the Old gods.

It seems we might encounter Helya as a raid boss once more at some point if her getting stronger means a threat to Azeroth. I keep tinkering with Valdemar’s remark about “You cannot kill death!” It reminds me of Yogg-saron who claimed to be the god of death. However, the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron says: “Even death may die.” So, who knows.

Knowing that Helya is still alive, and what Sylvanas is trying to accomplish in this war in order to bolster the numbers of the Forsaken (and that is definitely what drives Sylvanas) makes me harken back to her deal:

Helya: Remember our bargain, Banshee. Do not dare to cross me…

Sylvanas: Ah my loyal hero. You must not languish here. The Aegis cannot fall into enemy hands! The Future of the Horde depends on you [name]. Find your way back to Stormheim. I will be waiting.


I think Helya was the one who whispered to Vol’jin to make Sylvanas the new Warchief of the Horde. Sylvanas meeting her in Stormheim and assaulting Eyir for the lantern was merely… payment for the bargain of placing her as Warchief of the Horde. With Genn Greymane halting her from fulfilling that part of the bargain, and with Helya’s apparent demise shortly after, Sylvanas needed to pay Helya in kind.

The war in Battle for Azeroth is likely feeding souls to Helya to grow stronger. If that’s the case, I am not sure what the endgame is, or how that might be related to N’zoth.

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