Blizzard Entertainment has released the full schedule for BlizzCon 2018 revealing there is absolutely something new coming from the Diablo team. In fact, on Friday, Diablo: What’s Next is the first panel after the Opening Ceremony, and a Diablo World and Q&A panel on Saturday. What caught my eye is the lack of a “Diablo III” in the text. Simply “Diablo.”

On the the other hand, there is as well a StarCraft II: What’s Next panel which specifically names StarCraft II — which makes you wonder why the Diablo panel wasn’t named Diablo III. This year, there is no StarCraft II Q&A panel.



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With BlizzCon coming up, it is a tradition for Blizzplanet to gift fans with a collection of BlizzCon panel transcripts. Very handy for other fellow Disabled or unemployed fans who aren’t able to attend the event, or watch the virtual ticket livestream. The transcripts are also helpful to those who did but wish a repository of panel transcripts as a reference.

Something you might not know is that the transcripts are not coming from volunteers or staff members. Usually, 3-4 transcribers work on the gig, and then I edit and format their transcript. On 2016, I outsourced 17 panel transcripts, and 11 on 2017.

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Here is a sample of our BlizzCon panel Transcripts:

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