Upon completion of Between a Saurok, and a Hard Place Achievement, Lorewalker Cho sends a letter to your mailbox. The item starts a quest. Return it to Lorewalker Cho at the top of the Moshu’gan Palace in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It grants 2993 reputation with the Lorewalkers. Cho will reenact Between a Saurok, and a Hard Place story via a hologram.

This video shows this. Check out afterwards where to find the scrolls to complete this achievement.

The Defiant

The scroll is found in Kun-Lai Summit within The Ancient Passage. It’s the big cavern entered from The Veiled Stairs at coordinates [50.84 – 40.94]. This is a saurok habitat. Once inside The Ancient Passage, the scroll can be found deep inside at the Dark Rookery [54.68 – 16.18].

The saurok were originally dispatched to maintain order in the far edges of the mogu empire. A sauroken culture of superiority and hatred for weakness developed, fueled by the ego of their mogu masters.

Soon, saurok guards began to plunder the very people they were supposed to police. They grew disobedient, turning on their own mogu commanders whenever they were displeased with the spoils of war.

Emperor Dojan responded in the traditional mogu way: the souls were ripped from every living saurok in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and he demanded the same fate for the legions still in the field. So began the great Purge.


The Saurok

The scroll can be found in the Jade Forest at the Windward Isle. It’s on the brown beach area on the isle’s east-side within the saurok’s camp. The scroll sits against the saurok banner standard, close to the big mesa. Coordinates: [67.72 – 29.36]

Manufactured as a race of warrior slaves for the mogu empire, the saurok have always been a violent and brutish race. For many centuries after the Purge, they remained hidden deep in the wilds of Krasarang or lurked in the treacherous swamps beyond the Serpent’s Spine.

In recent generations, the saurok have grown bold, assaulting towns and cities along the Pandaren coast, then disappearing to the sea with their plunder.

If you encounter a saurok in the wild, assume it is not alone and take immediate action to protect yourself.


The Deserters

The scroll can be found in the Dread Wastes at the eastern shore of the Lake of the Stars. There’s a pyre and a few saurok lizards sitting there. The scrolls is sitting next to the Saurok banner standard. Coordinates: [67.49 – 60.93]

When the mogu declared the purging of the saurok, a number of legions were still deployed in the field. Word reached the saurok of their master’s treachery, and so they turned on their officers, and vanished behind enemy lines in the mantid lands. Many legions of mogu and their slaves were dispatched to hunt down and destroy these deserters. None ever returned.


The Last Stand

The scroll can befound in Krasarang Wilds at the Riverblade Den — located inside the Krasari Falls. It sits against the Saurok banner standard on a big rock near the waterfall’s entrance. Coordinates: [32.88 – 31.12]

Defiant to the last, the saurok stood their ground against the mogu in the swamps of Krasarang. It was here they had a fighting chance, drawing the imperial forces deeper in to unfamiliar territory.

The mogu death toll began to climb as the rebels poisoned water supplies and sabotaged structures.

In his fury, the Emperor Dojan continued to send troops, slaves, and weapons to Krasarang in an effort to eradicate what remained of the saurok.

They were never successful.