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The second boss in the Stormstout Brewery dungeon is Hoptallus. First, there is a gauntlet type of event with nonstop waves of virmen. We kept running up the ramps toward the boss, and AOE as we go.

The boss, Hoptallus, finally showed up and it was time to drop the hammer. Throughout the fight a bunch of virmen are summoned. When they die, their hammer weapon drops to the floor.

Players have to pick the hammer. A button appears onscreen (Ultraxion style) and the hammer is dropped on the boss causing a very wide AOE special effect.

DPS players must stand behind the boss at all times. He does a Lurker Below-type of spellcast vomiting acid in a 360 degree rotation.

Boss Abilities

Carrot Breath: Hoptallus slowly turns in a circle spewing vile carrot juices. The juices inflict 30000 Physical damage and knock back any targets within a 20-degree cone in front of Hoptallus.

Furlwind: Hoptallus spins in a rapid circle. Inflicts 30000 damage every 1 sec to surrounding units, but slows movement speed by 70%.

A Shrill Screech: Hoptallus will periodically emit a shrill cry, calling for aid from Hoplings, Hoppers, and Boppers.

  • Hopling: The tiniest Vermen, Hoplings do little more than hop around and bite things.

  • Hopper: Hoppers are larger Vermen that carry a barrel or explosive brew in their mouths.

    • Explosive Brew: If a Hopper reaches its target, it hops madly then explodes. The explosion inflicts 30000 Fire damage to players within 10 yards and knocks them down.

  • Bopper: Boppers are larger Vermen and carry a heavy hammer.

    • Big Ol’ Hammer: When Boppers die, they drop their Big Ol’ Hammers. Players can pick up the Hammer to gain three charges of the Smash! ability.

      • Smash!: Slam the Big Ol’ Hammer into the ground, destroying all Hoppers and Hoplings within 6 yards and dealing heavy damage to Boppers.