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Yan-Zhu the Uncasked is the last boss of the Stormstout Brewery dungeon. It’s a Fire Alemental. The game mechanics are simple, but newbies will likely have a hard time as the fight requires visual coordination.

In the video you will notice a brown trail underneath the characters. This is sort of a buff that allows players to jump really high. This ability comes handy when Yan-Zhu summons two linear waves of sudsy brew. Both lines move across the room horizontally creating a cross. The player has to jump once per line of sudsy brew. In normal-mode so far, it only does a bit above 8,000-10000 Frost damage each for 5 sec.

Boss Abilities

Brew Bolt: If there are no players near Yan-Zhu, he will begin casting Brew Bolts. Inflicts 30000 Frost damage and increases magic damage taken by teh target for 6 sec.

The Perfect Brew?: Uncle Gao’s crazy experiments in the brewmastery grants Yan-Zhu one of the two abilities.

  • Bloat: Yan-Zhu infuses a random player with an excessive quantity of brew. This Bloat causes brew to gush from their ears for 30 sec, inflicting 20000 Physical damage and knocking back targets in a 10-degree cone on either side of the bloated player.

  • Blackout Brew: The heavy Blackout Brew inflicts 10000 Frost damage to all players and applies 3 stacks of Blackout Brew. Stacks can be removed by moving and jumping. If Blackout Brew reaches 10 stacks, the Brew stuns the player for 10 sec.

Just A Few More Ingredients!: At 75% health remaining, Uncle Gao adds a few more ingredients to the brew. This increases Yan-Zhu’s size and grants one of two new abilities.

  • Bubble Shield: Yan-Zhu covers himself with 8 small bubbles. Each bubble grants Yan-Zhu 10% damage reduction. This effect stacks.

  • Yeasty Brew Alemental: Yan-Zhu summons forth Yeasty Brew Alementals to aid him.

    • Ferment: The fermentation of the Alemental restores 1% of health and mana every 1 sec.

Now Turn Up the Heat!: At 50% health remaining, Uncle Gao further modifies the recipe. This increases Yan-Zhu’s size and grants one of two new abilities.

  • Carbonation: Yan-Zhu fills the room with Carbonation for 20 sec. The Carbonation inflicts 1000 Frost damage every 1 sec to enemies that are close to the ground and prevents them from performing any actions due to acute asphyxiation. In addition, Carbonation causes Fizzy Bubbles to spawn.

    • Fizzy Bubble: Clicking on a Fizzy Bubble grants a player the ability to fly for 20 sec.

  • Wall of Suds: Yan-Zhu periodically summons forth walls of sudsy brew. The onrushing brew inflicts 10000 Frost damage every 0.50 sec to players that stand within the wall and stuns them for 5 sec.

    • Sudsy: The sudsy nature of Yan-Zhu grants players the ability to jump extra high.