The Art Contest that Blizzard introduce some months ago is finally over, students had a choice between Environment, Character, Weapons and Animation. The winners has been selected and the result is impressive, as a personal point of view, the Justice Blade would be a very good Legendary Weapon for Warlords of Draenor.

Presented by Blizzard Entertainment’s university relations and World of Warcraft development teams, the third annual Blizzard Student Art Contest has drawn to a close. After sifting through all of the very talented entries, our judges have managed to select three outstanding winning entries. Check out the winners, the runner-ups, and honorable mention below.



Sukjoo- Choi- Character


Servando Lupini- Environment


Duy Nguyen – Weapons


WoW_Student-Art-RunnerUp-2_Character_Thumb_280x321.jpg WoW_Student-Art-RunnerUp-3_Character_Thumb_280x321.jpg
Jongmo Nam- Character Ryan Ribot- Character
WoW_Student-Art-RunnerUp-1_Character_Thumb_280x321.jpg WoW_Student-Art-RunnerUp-1_Environment_Thumb_280x321.jpg
Anna Sakoi- Character Zhimin Cai- Environment
WoW_Student-Art-RunnerUp-2_Environment_Thumb_280x321.jpg WoW_Student-Art-RunnerUp-3_Environment_Thumb_280x321.jpg
Elliot Picarello- Environment Zeyan “Phillip” Zhang- Environment
WoW_Student-Art-RunnerUp-1_Weapons_Thumb_280x321.jpg WoW_Student-Art-RunnerUp-2_Weapons_Thumb_280x321.jpg
Haoyu Zhang- Weapons Yichao “Peter” Guo- Weapons

Honorable Mention


Lara Colson – Character


Benjamin Vogt

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