Brandon Routh was interviewed by the Inside of You podcast to discuss his career setbacks after Superman Returns. He embraced World of Warcraft at a time when his film was not well received by the audience (only $52.5 million domestic) for a 270m budget film, and a sequel was obviously not in the horizon.

He spent hours with no end playing the game as a coping mechanism to his career setbacks.

The interview also reveals that The CW informed him months ago his role as Ray Palmer (The Atom) is coming to an end soon in the Legends of Tomorrow show.

“Thankfully, I guess, I didn’t lean on drugs or alcohol,” reflected Routh. “There is no beating [WoW]. It goes on forever as it’s designed to do. And that was my therapy, air quotes. But it wasn’t helping me. It was a coping mechanism. It wasn’t until I had several experiences where I had to come to terms with that. Now I have a better understanding of what happened then. It took me way too long to get to that point.” — source

Be warned: The podcast host uses profanity language often. The podcast host looked familiar. Checked it up… he played Lex Luthor in the Smallville TV series (2001).

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