Blizzard updated the Faces of Cataclysm page by adding Cho’gall among other heroes and enemies. Cho’gall appears in the open world during a quest line given by Garona Halforcen in Twilight Highlands.

You can find Garona at Bloodgulch. After you complete her quests, do the quests sending you to the Maw of Madness, and the red dragonflight quests in the Circle of Life and Grim Batol. This will lead you straight to the Twilight Citadel outdoors after a red drake transports you nearby. There you will pick up again with Garona for a series of quests, and you will meet Cho’gall and his Gronn chosen during a cutscene.

That reminds me of our video interview with Walter Simonson and Louise Simonson who told me at the New York Comic Con 2009 there were plans for Garona in the game. I almost cried when I saw Garona in the Cataclysm beta. I hadn’t seen her since Classic beta 2004 (at Ravenholdt Manor).

Cho’gall is one of the bosses in the Twilight Citadel dungeon. It’s the first time Med’an is mentioned by Blizzard outside of the DC Comics World of Warcraft comic book. Hopefully, we will get to meet the New Council of Tirisfal at some point in this expansion or upcoming ones. Back on February 2009, Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson revealed during our video interview there were plans for Sargeras. It makes sense that the New Council of Tirisfal could be the Argent Crusade faction quest hub of that future content.

[BLUE]Cho’gall’s sordid history is a testament to his unflinching desire to sow chaos wherever his dark influence extends. The first of the ogre magi, Cho’gall rose to prominence in the old Horde as chieftain of the orcish Twilight’s Hammer clan. His dubious loyalties became apparent when he abandoned the Horde during a pivotal moment in the Second War.

In retaliation, forces dispatched by Orgrim Doomhammer slaughtered most of Cho’gall’s traitorous clan, forcing him and his surviving cohorts into hiding. Over the following years, the ogre mage molded the Twilight’s Hammer into a fanatical cult devoted to worshipping the Old Gods — ancient harbingers of the apocalypse. Cho’gall’s obsession with these malefic deities led him to the ruined city of Ahn’Qiraj, where he began efforts to awaken an Old God by harnessing the immense powers of Med’an, the new Guardian of Tirisfal.

Ultimately, Med’an thwarted Cho’gall’s plans, and the scheming ogre mage was thought slain. The Twilight’s Hammer, however, has remained organized, leading to fears that Cho’gall is still alive… and merely biding his time, waiting for the right moment to make his presence known once again.[/BLUE]