Serious alert to everyone who receives this email or other type of variants.  The email might look legit, but if you hover your cursor over the link, though the text says the link doesn’t really lead there. Do not click the link in that email. The target hasn’t been included in this post for obvious reasons.


You are receiving this email to notify you that you have been randomly chosen to take Blizzard Entertainment Survey. When you will submit your survey, you will receive 10 free days of game time, which, after a verification period of 5 days, will automatically be added to your account.

The survey is meant to obtain information about our players and ask their opinion about Blizzard games, which is very important for us to maintain the quality as it is today for our growing community.
The survey is completely free and we are highly suggesting you to take it.

By participating in this survey you show increased interest in upcoming Blizzard games:

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

StarCraft 2

Diablo 3

Also you will get increased possibility of obtaining beta key for one or more of these games.

You will find the survey at: to receive 10 free days of game time you will simply be asked to answer questions regarding Blizzard games.

Thank you for your time and attention for this feedback as well as your continued interest in Blizzard games.