Betild Deepanvil: I see old Alonsus there giving us the eye. That man never sleeps, literally! And now neither will you, heh.

Go on then, looks like he wants to introduce you to someone.


Quest Objectives

Speak with Alonsus and his friend.

Agent of Aid



Alonsus Faol: Cardinal, I’d like to introduce you to Calia Menethil. Yes that Menethil. She has been an incredible help these passt few years. I’d like for her to work for you, helping the helpless, taking your word to the world, all that.



Calia Menethil: Nice to meet you again! Alonsus has detached me from his service to help you. Now that we aren’t hiding in the shadows I can reconnect with people from my past. I’m also fairly experienced in combat and healing as well. And I’m just Calia now. Lordaeron is no more.

I can’t wait to help you save this world, Cardinal.


Agent of Aid


1. Priestly Matters5. Artifacts Need ArtificersA
2. A Legend you can Hold6. Empowering Your ArtifactA
3. Blade in Twilight7. Agent of AidA
4. The Light and the Void8. Actions on Azeroth
Class Artifacts Questlines


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