Betild Deepanvil: Since ye’re bound and determined to crack that thing against every demon on Azeroth let’s see if we can’t squeeze what we can out of it. With Saa’ra’s power I’ve reworked this here draenei altar into something ye can use to focus… eh let’s skip that part shall we?

Just stick the thing in there and give it a whirl won’t ye?


Quest Objectives

Use the Altar of Light and Shadow.

Empowering Your Artifact



Note: Click the Altar of Light and Shadow located next to Betild Deepanvil.





You have learned a new spell: Void Torrent.



Betild Deepanvil: Well, isn’t that nice and shiny! You’ll need ta get more used to using that thing first. Then we can mess with it more rather than., you know, putting it in a museum and respecting it for the piece o’ history that it is.


Empowering the Artifact


1. Priestly Matters5. Artifacts Need ArtificersA
2. A Legend you can Hold6. Empowering Your ArtifactA
3. Blade in Twilight7. Agent of AidA
4. The Light and the Void8. Actions on Azeroth
Class Artifacts Questlines


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