Calia Menethil: Let me show you the Command Console. Some draenei construction and naaru magic we have a window into the Broken Isles! Here you can device strategy, send your agents on missions, and choose our first area to operate in.

Take a look and let me know where we are going!


Quest Objectives

Use the Command Console to select your order’s first operational area.



Actions on Azeroth

NOTE: In this Legion Alpha build, this quest is incomplete. One cannot interact with the map to complete the quest. This page will be updated once the next patch is deployed.



1. Priestly Matters5. Artifacts Need ArtificersA
2. A Legend you can Hold6. Empowering Your ArtifactA
3. Blade in Twilight7. Agent of AidA
4. The Light and the Void8. Actions on Azeroth
Class Artifacts Questlines


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