Prophet Velen: Alonsus Faol has proven to be a strong ally and his instincts have been exceptional. I think you are uniquely suited to assist with a matter that will bring a great good into this world.

I want to take you somewhere not on Azeroth to finish a task my people started long ago. Will you aid us?


Quest Objectives

Aid Velen with his mysterious task.




Prophet Velen: The mages have kindly set up a portal for us to use if you would follow me. I would speak of the naaru and the draenei.

The draenei have been fleeing the Burning Legion for a very long time. During that time the naaru have helped us greatly, sometimes with their lives. We would have perished without their aid.

In a time of relative peace, we desperately wanted to return their generosity but had no idea how. To our surprise, they did have one request. By some miracle of the Light, they had captured a void god, severely weakening it in the process.

With the naaru’s help, we crafted a place to hold the void god as well as research it, the naaru themselves, and how the Twisting Nether works. It is this place I would show you.

Follow Velen to the portal: 1/1


New Objective: Take the portal to Netherlight Keep.

Click the Netherlight Keep portal in front of the meeting stone.


New Objective: Listen to Alonsus Faol.

Alonsus Faol: Behold Saraka, Destroyer of Worlds! Brought to heel after millennia of wanton destruction.



Weakened naaru can be turned into void gods. The draenei have been trying to see if it can be reversed. After gaining Velen’s trust, I gathered assistance from other priesthoods to help with the ritual. We are very close!

I believe that you can tip the scales with that artifact. If you would step into the main circle, we can begin the ritual!

New Objective: Complete the Ritual of Light.

Note: On the side of the circle there is a question mark. Click it to continue.

Alonsus Faol: Yes! Use the Blade to draw out the remaining void energy! Yes! It’s working! Can you feel it?

Complete the Ritual of Light: 1/1



Saa’ra: The hunger, the rage, it is gone. It has been a long time! Thank you for freeing me. I know you have a great need and I will help you however I can.

Alonsus Faol: Once again you have proven your ability my friend. With the aid of Saa’ra and your artifact, there is no one else more capable! As we have already agreed, priesthoods from all over Azeroth will donate time and resources to this new Conclave. Our purpose is none other than the defeat of the Burning Legion!

I proclaim (name) Cardinal of this Conclave! May they lead us to victory whether it be bringing hope and healing our allies or sending our foes screaming into the void! Now Cardinal, we must begin! If you will give us some time we will turn this prison into an effective base. This shouldn’t take too long.



Be a part of the Ceremony: 1/1

Alonsus Faol: Over here Cardinal! I think you will like the changes we’ve made!



Alonsus Faol: Welcome back, Cardinal. I think you will find we’ve done quite the job getting this place ready for you. I’d like to get started immediately.


Note: The spell is added to your spellbook. Drag the icon to your spell bar. It opens a portal to your Class Order Hall: Netherlight Temple.




1. Priestly Matters5. Artifacts Need ArtificersA
2. A Legend you can Hold6. Empowering Your ArtifactA
3. Blade in Twilight7. Agent of AidA
4. The Light and the Void8. Actions on Azeroth
Class Artifacts Questlines


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