Alonsus Faol: Your artifact is quite powerful, but I rarely let things rest on their laurels so to speak. I’ve managed to borrow one of the Dwarves’ foremost experts on artifice and enchanting.

I’d like you to speak with Betild and see if she can’t improve what’s been done already.


Quest Objectives

Speak with Betild Deepanvil in Netherlight Temple.

Artifacts Need Artificers


Betild Deepanvil: You did the heavy lifting there! I just designed it.



Betild Deepanvil: Ach, there ye are. Let me see that priceless artifact ye’re swinging around like a stick ye bought at the gift shop.


Artifacts Need Artificers


1. Priestly Matters5. Artifacts Need ArtificersA
2. A Legend you can Hold6. Empowering Your ArtifactA
3. Blade in Twilight7. Agent of AidA
4. The Light and the Void8. Actions on Azeroth
Class Artifacts Questlines


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