Chief Telemancer Oculeth: I hadn’t the time to gather my instruments before fleeing the palace. I came here to salvage some equipment. This old workshop is actually several rooms connected by teleporter pads. Elisande’s goons are already scouring the place looking for me, but from here I can after the teleporter network and keep there moving in circles. You go in. I’ll monitor your position and ensure the teleporters work normally for you. Find these two parts and bring them back!

chief telemancer oculeth


Quest Objectives

Collect the Weathered Telemancy Beacon and Cracked Warpsleeve from Oculeth’s Workshop.



Chief Telemancer Oculeth: The teleporter is just outside. Activate it first, then step on the pad.



Chief Telemancer Oculeth: All of the teleporters work the same way. Use them to find that equipment!



NOTE: When you click the “Library” portal, you are sent to The Drift — somewhere within the Highmountain depths.

Chief Telemancer Oculeth: Something is wrong… I have lost your position… Wherever you are, it is unstable. The telemancy will not hold long.



NOTE: For the Cracked Warpsleeve teleport to the Warp Lab. The Weathered Telemancy Beacon is in the Telemetry Lab.


Chief Telemancer Oculeth: A curious discovery, but you will not find the equipment we need in there.



Chief Telemancer Oculeth: Good work. Bring them back to me at the workshop!



Chief Telemancer Oculeth: Salvaging the equipment here is necessary if I am to develop a teleporter network for Thalyssra. These are in rough shape, but they will suffice.

Rewards: 19 gold 40 silver

Enchanted Nightborne Coin



1. Khadgar's Discovery4. The Only Way Out is Through
2. Magic Message5. The Nightborne Pact
3. Trail of Echoes6. Arcane Thirst
7. Shal'aran
8. Ancient Mana
9. Oculeth's Workshop
10. The Delicate Art of Telemancy
11. Network Security
12. Close Enough!

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