First Arcanist Thalyssra: My people have subsisted on the Nightwell for milennia. Ancient mana is our lifeblood – without it, we become…. well, you saw them out there.

(Thalyssra holds her flask aloft, gently shaking free the last precious drops.)

I’m afraid I have been rather reckless today. Already, my senses are dulling. Without magic to feed upon, I will turn. Please… find me something to feed upon… anything.



Quest Objectives

Enter Shal’Aran and find something to sate Thalyssra’s thirst.



Search Shal’Aran: 1/1

Selentia wails, calling forth ancient keepers!

NOTE: Step back into the tunnel you came from to avoid Selentia’s long-range beam, once she aggros. Once she stops attacking you, get back into the room. Kill the Ancient Keepers that follow you. Don’t bother attacking the Ancient Keepers afterwards. They will keep spawning over and over each time you kill them all. The main objective here is to kill the two Eternal Tether (yellow text) — floating orbs rotating around the room. Basically, Selentia is immune to damage until you destroy both Eternal Tether.



NOTE: Selentia is now vulnerable to damage.



NOTE: After you kill Selentia, click on the 6 Crystalized Ancient Mana to harvest them.




(Thalyssra’s eyes have dulled and her body is shaking uncontrollably. Thalyssra takes the crystals with a trembling hand.)

Rewards: 19 gold 40 silver

Cloak of the Everliving Keeper

Ancient Keeper’s Brooch



Arcane Thirst

[nsfw]Legion Alpha (archived)

The nightborne skin and model were bugged in Alpha.



1. Khadgar's Discovery4. The Only Way Out is Through
2. Magic Message5. The Nightborne Pact
3. Trail of Echoes6. Arcane Thirst
7. Shal'aran
8. Ancient Mana
9. Oculeth's Workshop
10. The Delicate Art of Telemancy
11. Network Security
12. Close Enough!

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