(Thalissra winces and holds her abdomen.)

First Arcanist Thalyssra: Ngh… I can ignore this wound no longer. Help me patch this up. I will explain everything.

The Nightborne Pact


Quest Objectives

Bandage Thalyssra.



(Cinematic showing Gul’dan and the Nightborne joining forces.)



First Arcanist Thalyssra: We must find a way to reclaim Suramar City.


The Nightborne Pact

[nsfw]Previously in Legion Alpha (archived)



1. Khadgar's Discovery4. The Only Way Out is Through
2. Magic Message5. The Nightborne Pact
3. Trail of Echoes6. Arcane Thirst
7. Shal'aran
8. Ancient Mana
9. Oculeth's Workshop
10. The Delicate Art of Telemancy
11. Network Security
12. Close Enough!

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