WoW Insider got buzz from a fan who reported the World of Warcraft The Magazine Editor-in-Chief Daniel Edward Amrich updated his blog with a good bye note. Apparently, he wanted to keep his leave under wraps as much as he could to prevent any misleading thoughts about his departure. Thoughts such as: “OMG the WoW the Magazine won’t ship! /wrist”

Daniel Edward was a former writer at OXM, Gamepro and Gamesradar before taking the Editor-in-Chief position at Future on July 2009. During the E3 2009, he managed to approach Activision to ask if there were any positions available on the community manager area. Eventually, he was contacted by Activision, and he starts on his new position on January 2010. As said, he wanted to keep this secretive for the sake of the magazine and the fans, but Future US made it very obvious by posting a job opening to fill the Editor-in-Chief position at Craigslist.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Daniel wants to inform WoW fans to not worry about the status of the World of Warcraft The Magazine. At the moment of his departure, his work on the magazine was finished. That’s certainly a relief. Basically the magazine’s first issue is ready and pending some approvals before it goes live. This is the job opening posted by Future US Inc. at Craigslist. We recommend our visitors to read it. Who knows, you might be the next Editor-in-Chief:

Editor-in-Chief of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine

Do you know the difference between a Night Elf and a Blood Elf? Do you know your favorite class role and spell rotations? And, more importantly, can you show us superlative examples of your publishing experience in the games/entertainment markets? If so, this is your opportunity to turn your favorite passion into a full-time job! Future US is looking for an Editor-in-Chief for its newest launch, the Official World of Warcraft magazine. This is a new quarterly magazine that covers all aspects of the World