Gut Guttra

Outrider Urukag: Snowpaw was able to help me to here so that I might strike against their leader, Guttra, but I have lost too much blood. My time is near.

Do you have the strength to help me avenge my fallen brothers and sisters and kill Guttra Wolfchew?

The monster resides in the tallest tower of Grimfrost.


Quest Objectives

Slay Guttra Wolfchew



Guttra Wolfchew: You dare interrupt my dinner?!


Note: It might be totally random, but Fishing Guide to Draenor dropped from Guttra Wolfchew. “Outlines the Fish of Draenor and how to catch them.” — Requires level 90. Requires Fishing (1). Binds when picked up. Unique.



Outrider Urukag: Wolfchew is defeated? “cough” Glorious.

You have “cough” restored this dying orc’s honor, champion. Farewell. And farewell, Snowpaw, my old friend…

Note: Snowpaw howls as he mourns the passing of Outrider Urukag. You will see Snowpaw hang around inside your Garrison from now forward.


Return to the main hub for Frostfire Ridge (Horde Quests) in Warlords of Draenor, or continue below the Story Achievement: The Battle of Thunder Pass.

1.Savage Vengeance4.Tar Get of Opportunity
2.A Collection of Coils5.Burn Them Down
3.Getting the Points6.
These aren't part of the Achievement. These are near Thunder Pass at Grimfrost Hill
1.A Proper Parting4.
2.Gut Guttra5.