The Fyrakk Assault in Dragonflight 10.1 is a random event that may spawn in a different zone within the Dragon Isles. The event is similar to the Naga invasion in the Battle for Azeroth expansion or the Legion Assault in the Legion expansion.

However, this event has a few tweaks and twists. In Azure Span, what I experienced was a Fyrakk Assault at the High Frostlands. The event there is named “Suffusion Camp: Frostburn.”

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Fyrakk Assault

The Fyrakk Assault shows a progress bar from 0-100%. As groups of players complete objectives and activities, the progress bar moves forward. During this assault, additionally, an elite world quest spawned — Suffusion Camp: Frostburn. The world quest rewarded a Suffused Drape iLevel 411 (Upgrade level: veteran 4/8) which can be upgraded up to iLevel 424.

Watch the Fyrakk Assault gameplay video below:

Fyrakk Assault gameplay video

The world quest objectives were to:

  • Collect 5 Wards of Igira — which must be turned in at a Suffusion Crucible.
  • Suffusion Crucible looted
  • Crucible Guardian slain
  • 5 Wards of Fyrakk Collected — turning in 5 Wards of Igira at a Suffusion Crucible and killing its guardian rewards Wards of Fyrakk.
  • Suffusion Mold looted — You must use 5 Wards of Fyrakk at a Suffusion Mold to summon a boss.
  • Forgemaster slain


Players may kill Zaqali (djaradin), Primal Nightflame (shadow-infused drakes), and Primalists (trolls, dwarves, etc.). Avoid the Smoldering Hounds and Zaqali Hauler (Elite elephants). All of the humanoid mobs in the Fyrakk Assault have a percent-chance to drop Ward of Igira (Consume 5 Wards of Igira to extract materials from a Suffusion Crucible). You need to collect 5 Ward of Igira — at that point, stop killing mobs and head to one of the yellow dots marked in the mini-map to locate a Suffusion Crucible altar. Turn in the 5 Wards of Igira.


Turn in the 5 Ward of Igira at the Suffusion Crucible to claim Ward of Fyrakk x 2 (Consume 5 Wards of Fyrakk to extract materials from a Suffusion Mold). A random elite or group of elites will spawn from the Suffusion Crucible — also drops Ward of Fyrakk x 1.

Once you collect all 5 Ward of Fyrakk, locate the Suffusion Mold. You can locate it by looking for a floating red orb in the middle of two red flag djaradin standards with dragon skulls at the top.

Turning in 5 Wards of Fyrakk at the Suffusion Mold rewards Everburning Key: “One of several keys required to open a Secured Shipment. Trusted only to Igira’s finest blacksmiths, these keys are consumed upon their use.”


Those killing the Forgemaster will complete the Suffusion Camp: Frostburn world quest and get the Suffused reward and Iskaara reputation x 250.

If you collect all 3 Everburning Keys, click the Secured Shipment (a big treasure chest).

Fyrakk Assault Stage 1: Fyrakk is Coming!

Collectively, when all players bring 3 Everburning Key to the Secured Shipment, the progress bar reaches 100%. Fyrakk is summoned. Fyrakk will fly from afar toward the Fyrakk Assault area. His body is surrounded by a giant fire orb.

A message appears onscreen: “Fyrakk is Coming! – Prepare the battlefield for Fyrakk’s arrival.

Fyrakk: You dare to steal from my crucibles? I am coming for you, little worms. You will perish in flames!

Any players flying within Fyrakk’s fire orb area will get burned and killed — granting the player the achievement: “Still standing on the Fire.”

Fyrakk Assault Final Stage: The Ire of Fire – Defeat Fyrakk’s Disciple

The map will show the location of Fyrakk’s Disciple. In the Frostburn version, Shadeisethal spawns. After killing the disciple, the Fyrakk Assault will respawn in around 90 minutes.

Shadeisethal dropped Suffused Legguards (iLevel 405, Upgrade Level: Veteran 2/8), Head of Shadeisethal, Drake’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment x 5. The Head of Shadeisethal starts a quest titled Disciple of Fyrakk: Shadeisethal.

Those Shadowflame Crest Fragments are important to combine 15 into a Drake’s Shadowflame Crest. This is a new currency required for item upgrades at Loamm in Zaralek Cavern.