Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible is a 9-boss Raid located in the northern area of the new Zaralek Cavern zone. In this video, I showed the entire Adventure Journal to share the loot, spells, and 3D models of each of the 9 bosses.

There are a few nuggets of info we can distill from the Adventure Journal. None of the Primal Incarnates are part of the Aberrus Raid. Considering that the Dragonflight roadmap shows a Megadungeon in 10.1.5 by Summer, and 10.2 likely between the end of Fall and Winter … Dragonflight will have three loose Primal Incarnates wrecking havoc for a while.

The last boss of Aberrus is the leader of the Sundered Flame, Scalecommander Sarkareth, who wishes to claim Neltharion’s legacy. It is unknown what’s going to happen, but the Experimentation of Dracthyr boss encounter contains evidence of Shadow magic, and Sarkareth himself has gained void abilities: Oblivion, Emptiness Between Stars, Void Bomb, Abyssal Breath, Null Glimmer, Desolate Blossom, Inifite Duress, Void Claws, Cosmic Ascension, Embrace of Nothingness and more.

The Fyrakk Assault that hits each Dragon Isles zone also shows evidence of void/shadow magic among the Primal proto-dragons teaming up with Djaradin. Something happens in the Zaralek Cavern story chapters that give them this power. Expect some terrific cinematics and/or cutscenes.

Another enigmatic nugget of info is the appearance of Neltharion as the Raid boss before engaging Scalecommander Sarkareth. Is this an echo or avatar of Neltharion? A construct? Or something else going on? I guess we’ll find out soon enough, but this Neltharion also has Shadow abilities. Click the image below to launch the video.

Aberrus Raid Adventure Journal

Aberrus Raid – Adventure Journal

Millennia ago, Neltharion carved deep places in the earth where he conducted world altering experiments. After his death, these sites were lost to time, until now. Forces seeking to claim the Earth-Warder’s legacy raid his dominion in search for powerful artifacts. Now the champions of Azeroth must venture into darkness and ensure the crucible’s dangerous power doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • Kazzara
  • Molgoth
  • Experimentation of Dracthyr
  • Zaqali Invasion
  • Rashok
  • Zskarn
  • Magmorax
  • Neltharion
  • Scalecommander Sarkareth


Kazzara: Before Deathwing, there were many attempts to infuse a subject with Shadowflame. The only one that survived was Kazzara. Driven mad by the excruciating pain inflicted by her elementium plates, she now serves as the ferocious guardian of the Shadowed Crucible.

Molgoth: The creation of Shadowflame destroyed countless elementals. Now only the strongest remain. Krozgoth and Moltannia. One of shadow, the other fire, the powerful elementals combine their powers to create a force of ultimate destruction.

Experimentation of Dracthyr: On the road to develop dracthyr there were many failures. Some of these early versions were too volatile to destroy, and instead kept dormant to protect the world from their brutality. Now they awaken to test their prowess against the champions of Azeroth.

Zaqali Invasion: Warlord Kagni leads the Zaqali warband against the crucible. Brutal and Ruthless, Kagni is willing to employ any tactic in order to win.

Rashok: Rashok, once a great leader of the Zaqali, was imprisoned within these halls for millennia. His molten blood constantly siphoned to power the crucible, the elder was kept on the brink of death driving him mad. Due to the recent chaos, Rashok has broken his restraints and seeks revenge on any that cross his path.

Zskarn: Zskarn walked these halls when they were first formed and bore witness to Neltharion’s many profound experiments. Now that the cruicible stirs with power once more, Szkarn will stop at nothing to claim the crucible and continue his master’s legacy.

Magmorax: Its eyes never close. Its will never breaks. Magmorax, the beast of legend, guards the passage into the deepest chambers of the Shadowed Crucible.

Neltharion: Before the name Deathwing was whispered in terror, Neltharion was known as the Earth-Warder. During this time, the Aspect of Earth used his power to construct a massive hall deep beneath the surface where he accumulated secret knowledge. A visage of the black dragon still resides within the crucible, waiting for an opportunity to continue the work started so long ago… at any cost.

(PH) Neltharion uses his power as the Earth-Warder to summon walls of rock and split the arena, confiing players and creating deadly fissures.

When brought to XX% and YY% health, Neltharion Surrenders to Corruption, summoning Voices from Beyond that empower him with dangerous shadow spells. He will cast increasingly powerful Annihilating Shadows until he is no longer empowered by Voices from Beyond.

After having Surrendered to Corruption twice and having all Voices from Beyond slain twice, Neltharion begins to rip open portals in a final bid to overwhelm players with Twisted Aberrations and the unstoppable might of his Ebon Destruction.

Scalecommander Sarkareth: Formerly one of the five Scalecommanders of the dracthyr, Sarkareth broke away to rebel against the dragonflights. Now leader of the Sundered Flame, Sarkareth leads an army into Neltharion’s Shadowed Crucible to claim the power within and use it to overthrow the aspects.


All Aberrus Raid loot is Veteran quality and can be upgraded up to 8/8 at Loamm in the new Zaralek Cavern zone. Note: Some of the items that create an item appropriate to your class are listed as “Vault of the Incarnates” item, so it is possible those in particular might be placeholders and not final. This is the PTR after all, but the other type of items seem appropriate for the Aberrus Raid.

  • Raid Finder: Loot is iLevel 402
  • Normal Mode: Loot is iLevel 415. Some There is a rare drop Back item and 3 Trinkets that are iLevel 428 (Upgrade Level: Hero 1/5)
  • Heroic Mode: Loot is iLevel 428 (Upgrade Level: Hero 1/5). The Very Rare Back and Trinkets are iLevel 441.
  • Mythic Mode: Loot is iLevel 441 (can’t be upgraded).