Defense Pylon Central Control Console: No sooner does power rush to the crystal outside than you hear distant warcries and shouts of alarm. Elodor is being attacked!

If you want your laborers to come home in one piece, you’d best help with the defense of the town. Defeat the invasion and then return to the control console to reset the defenses.


Quest Objectives

Kill 15 Shadowmoon Raiders or Dark Priestesses.



Exarch Hataaru: This new structure is able to tap into a surprising amount of power.

Exarch Hataaru: Defend the ward at all costs!

Exarch Hataaru: Keep the Shadowmoon at bay. What is causing this madness?


Exarch Hataaru: Defend the ridgeline. Let them come to us.

Exarch Hataaru: Keep them engaged. The defense ward is drawing so much power – I can’t maintain it long.

Shadowmoon Dark Zealot: Pull back! We must find Ner’zhul his sacrifices elsewhere.

Exarch Hataaru: It’s working! It’s… not stable. But it’s working.



Defense Pylon Central Control Console: You saved the town! The controls shut down as you approach, but many of the indicators are still blinking frantically. Something seems wrong.

Hataaru yells out to get your attention outside…


Return to the main hub of Shadowmoon Valley Story Chapters or continue below — Chapter 1: Establishing A Foothold.

1.Finding a Foothold8.Keeping it Together
2.For the Alliance9.Ship Salvage
3.Looking For Lumber10.Pale Moonlight
4.Ravenous Ravens11.Build Your Barracks
5.Quakefist12.Qiana Moonshadow
6.Establish Your Garrison13.Delegating on Draenor
7.Bounty: Twisted Ancient
Quests given at the Garrison. Not required for the achievement.
15.A Curse Upon the Woods
Requires level 92

Things aren't Goren our way

**Gain the Garrison Mine

Alchemy Lab Quests
Starting a Work Order