How many times have you raided Highmaul’s Arcane Sanctum (Normal or above)? Tons of times, most likely. In my experience, the raid ends when Ko’ragh dies and everyone gets loot or … the insidious Augment Rune (sorry, drops like candy instead of my sought gear).

Today, I went afk after Ko’ragh (Normal), and took a S.E.L.F.I.E.

Have you raided Warden Thul'tok in Highmaul Arcane Sanctum?

I had to stand on the highest part of the stairs in his room to get a clear shot. That’s when I realized the stairs area isn’t a deadend. I kept exploring beyond, and there was a upper level leading to a terrace.

I could see those Night-Twisted Fanatics climbing the walls to attack the Gorian guards and two Ogron Warbringers.

I decided to risk it, and mounted quick to explore what was beyond the terrace. To my surprise none of the Night-Twisted Fanatics attacked me, and thus I decided to ride along the edge of the cliff. None of the Gorian guards aggroed and they kept fighting the fanatics.

At the end I entered a small building. A deadend. I was hoping to find a portal to the Imperator’s Rise, but instead found some sort of boss I had never seen before. I didn’t even know this terrace existed beyond Ko’ragh.

Considering how many times I have raided Arcane Sanctum, I was surprised to find out there was actually another bonus boss in here that nobody seems to know exists. None of those raids I played in ever came all the way up to that terrace to fight this hidden boss. His name is Warden Thul’tok (Defender of the Rise).


I went to WoWHead, to find out if this was a boss or just a no-loot lackey like those at the beginning of Imperator’s Rise; but nope, this is an actual boss with iLevel 655 loot in Normal Highmaul (which is where I found him). This bonus boss, however, is not available in LFR Arcane Sanctum. He is only available in Normal and above.

I can’t believe raiders aren’t coming to this boss to get this iLevel 655 loot. I’m hopeful that those who read this article will encourage their guildmates or Premade Group fellas to tackle Warden Thul’tok. The setback is that he may also drop green loot instead; but trying him is worth the setback. We killed him with 7 players. One tank and a mage (for polymorph spam). He leaves a purple AOE on the ground, and has a knockback. Make sure to have your back against the wall, especially if you are a healer. Take a look at his loot table:

Ogre Waystone
Ripswallow Plate BeltWaist (dps/heal)
Eye-Blinder GreatcloakCloak (Tank: Agi/Str)
Kyu-Sy's Tarflame DoomcloakCloak (dps spells: Int)
Eyeripper GirdleWaist (Leather: agi/int)
Belt of Inebriated SorrowsWaist (Mail: Agi/int)
Cord of Winsome SorrowsWaist (Cloth: int & mastery)
Gill's Glorious WindcloakCloak (healer)
Milenah's Intricate CloakCloak (Str, Haste, Vers)
Magic-Breaker CapeCloak (Agi)
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