In Island Expeditions, Havenswood is a Gilnean settlement where players will find worgen and various Pandaria and local creatures: Yak, and pandaria elementals (sometimes). For that matter, I assume Havenswood is located near Pandaria.



The worgen are actual residents. However, creature spawning seems random, and not unique to Havenswood. Some of them appear in other Island Expeditions. Nevertheless, here is a list of what I found across three different runs:

Feral Wrangler (worgen)
Feral Strangler (worgen)
Feral Hulk (worgen)
Feral Hungerer (worgen)
Wild Starcaller (worgen)
Wild Mooncaller (worgen)
Frenzied Wildheart (worgen)
Feral Dog (Gilnean pet)
Deathsting Broodwatcher (scorpid)
Deathsting Lasher (scorpid)
Swiftail Scavenger (fox)
Swiftail Courser (fox)
Mudsnout Gorer (pig)
Mudsnout Piglet (pig)
Mudsnout Thornback (pig)
Agitated Azershard (elemental diode)
Azergem Shardback (elemental crab)
Azergem Crystalback (elemental crab)
Volatile Azerite (elemental)
Breakbeak Bonepicker (vulture)
Breakbeak Scavenger (vulture)
Gritplate Gazer (basilisk)
Gritplate Crystaleye (basilisk)
Muckfin Raider (murloc)
Muckfin Tidehunter
Muckfin Puddlejumper (murloc)
Muckfin Murloc
Coagulated Azerite
Unleashed Azerite (elemental)
Bramblefur Musken (yak)
Bramblefur Grazer (yak)
Bramblefur Calf (yak)
Spineclaw Crab
Spineclaw Rockshell
Stonehide Bull (moose)
Mammoth Stonehide (moose)
Thunderhoof (moose)
Venomfang Lurker (spider)
Venomfang Spider
Bristlehorn Maneater (spider)
Bristlehorn Piercer (spider)
Bristlehorn Spider
Ironweb Spider
Trapdoor Spider
Frostscale Hydra
Frostscale Wanderer
Venomscale Hydra
Venomscale Monitor (hydra)
Elder Spineshell (turtle)
Spineshell Snapper (turtle)
Spineshell Turtle
Stonehusk Scarab
Stonehusk Harvester (scarab)
Stonebound Rockmaw (mogu quilen)
Stonebound Warrior (mogu quilen)
Stonebound Soldier (mogu quilen)
Stonebound Protector (mogu quilen)
Jade-Formed Bonesnapper (mogu quilen)
Hivelord Vix’ick (Mantid boss)
Zara’thik Mantid
Zara’thik Drone
Zara’thik Battlesinger

Note: Curious that the Hivelord Vix’ick said as he died: “The empress’ song… fades… ” That means a new Empress exists in Pandaria.



Pyroblaze (elemental boss)
Unbound Azerite (elemental boss)
Sigrid the Shroud-Weaver (Kvaldir boss)
Kvaldir Mistcaller
Risen Hound
Kvaldir Berserker
Fleshrot Cabalist
Hjana Fogbringer (Kvaldir boss)
Obsidian Drake
Obsidian Scalebane (dragonkin)
Obsidian Whelp
Sable Enforcer (drakonid)
Obsidian Flamecaller (dragonkin)
Obsidian Wyrmguard (drakonid)
Obsidian Dragonkin
Tyrantion (black dragon boss)



Thundersnort the Loud (pig)
Vilegaze Petriefier (basilisk)
Sand-Eye (basilisk)
Mrgl-Eye (murloc)
Frozen Stonelord (metallic frost giant)
Earthliving Giant (mountain giant)
Llorin the Clever (fox)
Stella Darkpaw (worgen)
Magma Giant (elemental)
Goldenvein (mountain giant)
Starcaller Elleana (worgen)
Celestra Brightmoon (worgen)
Spineripper Ku-Kon

In my fourth run of Havenswood, I encountered Scourge minions: Ghouls, Necromancers, skeletons, and such. Every time, the experience will be unique.

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