J!NX has launched the new line of World of Warcraft T-shirts for the Holidays season 2009. This new series include the WoW Class Hoodies to comfort your winter days with a warm sweatshirt.

There are five new T-shirts including Naxxramas in the front and all the regions the Scourge Invasion took place at written on the back. The Azeroth Exterminators, Gadgetzan Choppers, Death Knight Lore Class T-shirt and WoW Mage Legendary Class T-shirt.

Wanna hear the other good news? Free Shipping Promotion Extended throughout December. In this promo you must buy 3 or more T-shirts to get Free Standard Shipping, valid until December 31. (Promotion not valid in combination with any other sale or discount.)

Check them out on our J!NX Store page. Thanks for supporting Blizzplanet.