Stevie Nix wrote the new chapter in the Leaders of the Horde section — Baine Bloodhoof: As Our Fathers Before Us.

This story follows up some time after the death of Cairne Bloodhoof in a duel against Garrosh Hellscream — as seen in the pages of World of Warcraft: The Shattering by Christie Golden.

A demanding Garrosh comes to Thunderbluff to ask the Tauren to supply Orgrimmar and the Horde with water. The excavations and reckless destruction of nature in Azshara by the goblins have caused the water from the river next to Durotar to become tainted.

Baine shows patience and wisdom only he could have learned from his former father, but there’s a vibe in the story that some of his current personality and diplomacy comes from his encounter with Prince Anduin Wrynn.

Archdruid Hammul Runetotem questions if the Tauren should continue to be part of this new Horde.

An old menace comes knocking Mulgore’s door threatening the water supplies to Orgrimmar. Garrosh and Baine have different ideas on how to deal with the threat.

Considering Garrosh killed his father, Baine doesn’t seek revenge. This story is very cool on its own right. Not just because of the clash between the ideals of two titans of the Horde, and Baine’s self-doubt as leader of the Tauren. Gorehowl sings the fierce song of battle in this story. This is a Baine vs Garrosh duel, but not a physical one as you might expect. One of true leadership. War? Diplomacy? Only one way proves fruitful. Oh, I so enjoyed this story, and grinned. Garrosh had it coming where it truly hurts.

Christie Golden spent a whole book to flesh out who Baine Bloodhoof is, and the motor driving his personality. I recommend everyone to read it, as she did a great job doing so. Stevie Nix managed in six pages to do the same thing. One respects Baine more after reading this Leaders of the Horde story.

Now, you tell me if you would love to read a full novel by Stevie Nix, after reading this snippet.